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If you live in Oklahoma and had a hard time getting off last month, I bet I know why.  A semi-truck overturned on I-90 and “lost its load” all over the highway.  It “blocked the exit” and had traffic “backed up” for miles.

What’s with all the quote marks and double entendres?

That semi-truck was just a short distance from its destination:  an adult toy store.

Its load?  Dildos and lube.


The jokes write themselves.  And they’re out there.  First, though, you should watch the “live coverage” clip.  Apparently, the anchor wasn’t “prepped” because she naturally asked the follow-up question, “What’s all over the road, can you tell?”

And there’s nothing but silence from the reporter.

But the cameraman zooms in on the scene.


My favorite tweet is from Dana Goldberg, @DGComedy, who asked, “Dildos all over the exit ramp and no one can get off?”

This is well worth the watch.  Don’t forget to scroll down and let the jokes take your mind off everything else.

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The wait is [nearly] over!

For months you’ve heard me talk about my Christmas novel/spoof.  You’ve read it in here, on my smedia blogs, and you’ve chatted with me in DMs.

I knew that *I* was loving every second of its creation… but I had no idea you guys also had the “Christmas spirit”.  Because of all of the excitement you have shown, I decided to tackle the “Pre-Order” process.

Now, for the first time ever, you have the chance to pre-order my latest novel, A Domme for Christmas.

How does it work?

Click the link, then choose your download type.  Then click the “Pre-Order Now!” button, and check out like normal.

You will receive the typical receipt.  When the book first becomes available, you will receive an email to download.  It’s that easy.

The benefit of smedia is being able to communicate with people around the world.  There is one person I’d like to tell you about in particular, as it relates to this novel.  To everyone else I communicate with, I thoroughly enjoy our conversations, so please don’t feel slighted.

Those of you who follow me in bdsmlr [NSFW link!] and Twitter should be very familiar with toymax [NSFW link!].  He is an avid reader, and he creates book posts that link to my site.

When I was talking to him in the early days of creating this novel, I learned that Max had never seen a made-for-TV Christmas movie.  For the past several weeks, we’ve watched and discussed many of them.  I’ve enjoyed learning about the differences and similarities between Germany and the United States at holiday time.

Max just started his fifth movie yesterday, but he already feels like an expert in the holiday tropes.  It’s not mandatory to watch the movies before you read the book [except for Lets-see-now, who’s also from Germany and who also hasn’t seen any movie *grin*], but you’ve got a month.  Get in the spirit!

Happy pre-ordering, and Merry Kinkmas!




Celebrating Locktober?

Let me celebrate with you with a discount off 14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena.  Now through October 15, 2022 with Coupon Code:  LockMe

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My collaborator, Jessie Spectre, and I took a break from the writing process to create the cover for Book One of our novella series, “Eli”.

Whaddya think?  We’d love to have your comments!

This is another book/series that has gotten a lot of attention in DMs.  As of right now, we hope to release the first book sometime in November.

Thanks for your support!



DomCon New Orleans 2022

If you are planning to celebrate Halloween in New Orleans, add DomCon to your plans!

It’s a kink convention centered on Femdom and welcomes all kink.  Right in the heart of downtown New Orleans, you can find DomCon at the corner of Canal and Bourbon October 27 through October 30.

If you happen to be there, be sure to meet me!  I’ll be a vendor, and I’ll have hard copies of three different books.  I’d love to sign one for you.

Plus, Multiperv will be presenting two (possibly three) classes!






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