May Your May be Steamy

The wait is over!  Sean’s latest short story collection is here!  This time, he turns steamy around the campfire.

Plus, you know Sean loves to give his readers an extra treat, and this one is no different.  He includes a hilarious spoof using pornographic movie tropes.  You’re sure to smilegasm.

“Erotic Campfire Stories”

Men are competitively romantic.  Sitting around a campfire, each guy narrates a past love, with each one exaggerating and topping the other.  Sean O’Toole presents a twist to old sailors’ tales with a steamy theme in his short story collection:

“Her Name Was Ann” is a sweet nugget of young love.  College friends become lovers as they explore an interfaith encounter.

“Night With A Porn Star” is one man’s daydream with his favorite porn star… or was it real?

“Siobhan” relays a spicy encounter of a retired man, demonstrating that sex after sixty is still hot.

Sean doesn’t stop there.  He loves giving his readers more bang for their buck by including another bonus story.

“Lucky Accident” is a zany but heated spoof of pornographic tropes.

Devour them in one sitting or curl up with one at a time.  Either way, have a cold shower at the ready.

Get yours today!




Chit-Chat Feedback

Last month, I shared the Blue Balls article. If you missed it, you can read the blog here.

I asked you to give me your thoughts, and it was a hoot reading them in all of my smedia sites [Warning, links are Not Safe For Work]:  bdsmlr, Tumblr and Twitter.

Most you voiced the same jokes.  And one reader put it the best:  An orgasm relieves blue balls?!  I wish I’d known THAT for the past 3 years but on the bright side I feel MUCH better now, and also rather sleepy.  Thanks for the useful health tip. ; ^ )

Speaking of my smedia sites, most of you already know I have a different theme for each day.  Back-to-Work Monday, Two for Tuesday, etc.  Last week, I received a cute DM in Tumblr:

Obeying two on Tuesday…three on Thursday?  Five on Friday?  Saturday could be TOUGH.  But my kind of tough 🙂  Great to see you posting.  Hope you are well and the FD story inspiration is flowing.

It made me smile; as do most of your DMs.  I’d love to hear more from you.  Tell me about your favorite toy.  How old were you when you discovered kink?  What would you like to read about?





I’m in the final stages of a hot and quick story about an interracial, magnetically-charged affair.  I hope to have it heated to the right temperature by the end of the month!





Now that Sean is done with his book, “She Said/He Said” will be back soon!

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Thanks for the great questions and comments!

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