What Are You Doing This Weekend?


If you’re looking for kinky fun in a hip, happenin’ city, then head to Nawlins for Domcon!

There will be tons of activities, games, classes… and vendors.  Plus, you can meet me!

I’ll be at Booth 109, right next to Vark & Co.

If you remember my blogs about GWNN Bash this summer, you know Christopher is from Vark & Co.  If you don’t remember, check out my posts of my that kink convention.  The first post is here.

I will have three books in print with me, and you can get a signed copy.


Unfortunately, Claire won’t be with me… and I’m in need of a booth boy.  If you’re interested and willing, let me know.

Most of you know Multiperv from bdsmlr and/or Twitter… or from reading my Bash posts.  As an added bonus, Multiperv will not only BE at Domcon but he’s presenting THREE classes!

I’m not sure if one or two classes include story time but I have narrated them.

No, they’re not my stories.  One is from the internet, and Multiperv wrote the other one to demonstrate how humiliation can work for the Dominant and the submissive.

I just gave you tons of reasons to attend Domcon, so I expect to meet many of you. Tell me if I’ll meet you!



Last Week to Pre-Order “A Domme for Christmas”

I cannot tell you how excited I am by how excited you guys are for this book, too!

It kind of makes me wish I didn’t do a pre-order so I could get your feedback more quickly.

Then again, you know how I love to tease  :p

Be good boys and girls and pre-order your copy now!

You will get an email notification when you can download it ahead of everyone else!







Many of you know I bleed green.  Thank you to my fellow bdsmlrs who have sent me kinky GREEN posts to reblog [Not Safe for Work link to my bdsmlr blog]

This week is the biggest week of the season as my Spartans face the nasty Wolverines.  Cheer them on by sending me more GREEN posts this week… and GO GREEN!




Many of you have asked which book should you read first, “It Wasn’t What I Wanted” or “He Wanted It”?

Even though they each stand alone as their own story, I really wrote them to be read as a set.  So, while not “new” per se, I released “They Wanted It”, which includes both books.

You’ll note, they’re in the order I wrote them, with Mitch’s story first in “It Wasn’t What I Wanted”, then Vicky’s version follows in “He Wanted It”.

Originally, I was only going to write IWWIW.  However, I received a lot of whiny comments from readers, who wanted to know the conversations between Vicky and Sherry (the sex shop worker)… that obviously Mitch wasn’t privy to, since the book is told in first person.

Sometimes if you whine properly, you get what you seek.

Make sure to get “They Wanted It” today!



Updated Character Quiz

With over 40 books now, it was time to revamp the character quizzes.  Updated to include most books, I’ve created a separate character quiz for men and women–but only because my quiz app tops out at 25 results.

I also updated the Which Book Should I Read First quiz.

The character quizzes are at the top of my quiz page.   I haven’t included the latest mistress characters in the Choose Your Mistress quiz…

However, if you take the Female Character Quiz and answer the questions the way you’d like your mistress to answer, the result should match you with a B.J. Frazier mistress character.

Try it.  And don’t forget to send me your results!  Message me in bdsmlr, Tumblr, Twitter or my naughty Twitter.

There’s also a share feature to the quiz results.  If you share it, please link the posts to me so I can reblog them.





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Thanks for the great questions and comments!

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