A Domme for Christmas


The made-for-TV Christmas movie you wish they’d make!

Just when things are going great on the set of Memphis Clark’s latest Christmas movie for Milestone Movie Network, he runs into big problems.  His latest production is over budget and overdue, and the big bosses aren’t happy.  So, they bring in a new producer, who claims she can fix everything with a new actress and location.

When Memphis is ordered to travel to his hometown, Evergreen Ridge, and assess a local actress, he’s skeptical… but his new boss is very persuasive.

To make matters worse, Memphis’ assistant director and best friend, Thane, recognizes the producer’s dominance and takes her side.  Maybe it’s because Thane is a pain slut who likes to frequent BDSM dungeon parties and share the sexy details with Memphis… who begins to wish his own girlfriend was into more than just missionary sex.

With the assistance of Mrs. Claus ~ the ultimate Dominant Female ~ Memphis confronts his past in order to earn his kinkily ever after.

Merry Kinkmas!

Contains:  The tropes that are the hallmark of Christmas movies [Cute Kids (not connected to kink), Gingerbread Cookies, Sparks, Magic] and a healthy dose of kink [BDSM, Femdom, Spanking, Dungeons, Some Male-on-Male Scenes, Whip, Crop]; and of course, a Happily Ever After

ADVISORY ALERT:  This book is *adult fiction* and contains scenes that do *NOT* fade to black.

Severe Content Warning:  B.J. Frazier books contain *plots* and *well-developed characters*

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Word Count: 60,060
ISBN: 978-1-957131-26-9
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