Double Trouble


“The Come Bet”

Every group of guys visiting Vegas has one–the loud drunk who thinks he’s a lady-killer.  Blake, a member of the group, steps in to defend the loudmouth’s target, and expects gratitude.  What he gets instead is a bet.

A bet that, if lost, will change his sexual expectations for all time…

A femdom story about a wily Craps-playing woman who turns the tables on an otherwise unsuspecting man.

Contains:  Femdom, BDSM, Candle Wax, Blindfold, Restraints, Hookup, Prostate Massage, Controlled Orgasm


“It Wasn’t What I Wanted”

(“How I Turned My Wife Into a Domme”)

What happens when a controlling husband wants a taste of submission and his wife wants a banquet of dominance?

When Alpha Male Mitch decides his marriage and sex life need some spice, he stumbles across femdom.  Under the guidance of an alluring sex-shop worker, Mitch learns how to relinquish some control to his wife.

A wife who, unfortunately for him, then places him in chastity and makes him rethink his submission.

But has his re-evaluation come too late?

Contains:  Femdom, Topping from the Bottom, Chastity, Chastity Cage, Alpha Male Turned Beta Male, Pegging, Public Sex, Keyholder, Sex Shop, Dildos, Spanking

Severe Content Warning:  B.J. Frazier books contain *plots* and *well-developed characters*

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Word Count: 35,860
ISBN: 9780463930533
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