E li – Book Two ~ The Corruption


The story continues with Eli Shaw’s guided exploration into all things sexual, provided by Bernie Higgins.

Eli is doing his best to please Bernie.  The sex is amazing, and he’s glimpsed pleasures he never imagined.  But after being locked in chastity and following the rules, he’s frustrated when Bernie suddenly seems to lose interest in romance.

Eli seeks the advice of Clem, the wise-yet-cantankerous domme, who helps him accentuate his androgyny.  But will it pique Bernie’s interest or his ire?

Young and exposed to a new life, can Eli cope?  He must carefully traverse the minefield of Bernie’s definition of public displays of affection, the advances of other men, coming out to his parents, and a punishing first “delivery” at work.

Might the corruption be too much for the boy?

Learn whether Eli juggles his newfound kink or drops the ball.

Contains:  Gay Sex; Femboy; LGBTQ; Anal; Male Chastity; Multiple Partners; Group Sex; Seduction; Older Man/Younger Man

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Word Count: 26,820
ISBN: 978-1-957131-29-0
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