Perchance to Dream – Book 2 Hardcopy


Frankie, the female doctor with control issues, continues to utilize her sleep facility for her own dominant cravings.

Ignorant of the goings-on at the sleep clinic, other doctors provide her with a steady stream of subs to satisfy her hunger to control and rule.

Men being men, there will always be those who fall and, when they do, Dr. Frankie will ensure they NEVER rise to their full height again.

And it’s not only men she enjoys controlling…

Female-Led fiction from the pen of B.J. Frazier

Contains:  Femdom, Doctor, BDSM, Mind Games, Manipulation, Findom, LGBTQ, Bisexual, Virgin, Dungeon, Alpha Male, Branding, Deflowering

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Word Count: 16,520
ISBN: 9780463386934
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