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At the age of forty-three, proud service sub, Pierre Jonker, goes on his very first interview.  What could go wrong?  With a glowing letter of reference and twenty years of service experience, he is full of confidence.

But Pierre is in for a surprise.

He learns that he must compete against eleven other applicants just for a chance to win an interview and service Lady Crimson.  All but one of his fellow competitors are much younger and in great condition, but do they have the talent and technique you can only get after decades of experience?

The battle is on!

Perhaps Pierre would be wiser not to challenge Lady Crimson when she strays from power exchange protocols, but he is compelled to face her wrath even if it blows his chances of winning.

As the competition continues, Pierre naturally excels but grows ever more frustrated by Lady Crimson’s lack of behavior befitting a Domme.

Will Pierre walk away from the competition?

Will Lady Crimson kick him out?

Who will win… if anyone?

A psychological power exchange battle from the kinky mind of B.J. Frazier.

Severe Content Warning: B.J. Frazier books contain *plots* and *well-developed characters*

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Word Count: 34,220
ISBN: 978-1-957131-34-4
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