Lorenzo’s Story – Book 2


A prequel, and sequel, to the “Perchance to Dream” series, and continuation of “Lorenzo’s Story”, this final installment begins when Lorenzo meets the controlling and bisexual Dr. Frankie.

Because this book examines the “Perchance to Dream” series from Lorenzo’s perspective, it is suggested you read that series first.

This book also goes beyond that series with Sayo and Stephanie, and life in Grand Cayman.

Find out if life for both couples is a happily ever after or a dismal disaster…

LGBTQ and female-led fiction from the knowing and experienced pen of B.J. Frazier.

Contains:  Femdom, Religious Erotica, Sex Slaves, Gay Sex, M2M, Findom, BDSM, Mind Games, Humiliation, Erotic Romance, Lesbian Sex, FF

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Word Count: 17,430
ISBN: 9780463559451
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