Perchance to Dream – Book 4


The sexual “treatments” between patients and staff at the sleep clinic progress in the fourth installment of this sexually charged series… and not always to the delight of the participants.

The dominant and bisexual Dr. Frankie carefully controls every aspect of her life and work.

If the patients and staff think the doctor is nearing the end of her deviancy, they’re in for a rude awakening.

Because the dominant Dr. Frankie isn’t even close to fulfilling her needs…

Book Four of a female-led adventure for the connoisseur of stories involving the strict and controlling woman.

Contains:  Femdom, Doctor, BDSM, Mind Games, Manipulation, Findom, LGBTQ, Bisexual, Dungeon, Alpha Male, M2M

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Word Count: 16,000
ISBN: 9780463640081
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