Mistress Managed – The Complete Set


“The Rise and Fall of a Domme”

Divorcing her husband after catching him in an S/M liaison with another woman, a successful lawyer finds herself fascinated with Dominant/submissive relationships and actively searches for a man to dominate.

What her search delivers will be the most intensely exciting experience of Jeneca Avery’s life.

It will also bring her into contact with a commanding, yet strangely submissive, man who will change her life in ways she would not have believed possible.

This book is the complete Mistress Managed collection of B.J. Frazier’s exploration of one woman’s odyssey into the world of sexual power.

An odyssey that will take her from dominance to submission, and then back again…

…while by day, she is enmeshed in a lawsuit involving a Mafia boss.

Thoughtful female-led fiction for the connoisseur of the dominant woman.

Contains:  Femdom, Older Woman/Younger Man, Casual Hookups, BDSM, Orgasm Denial, Mind Games, Alpha Male, Legal Thriller, Mafia, Submissive Male, Female Dominance

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Word Count: 156,210
ISBN: 9780463349304
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