I Blame Quentin Tarantino


How is it that one movie scene could turn a dominant husband and businessman from confirmed “Alpha” to wannabe “Beta”?

When the man in question watches “From Dusk Until Dawn”, and sees a gorgeous vampire dominate a victim with her feet and declare he will not only be her slave but her dog, the answer becomes clear.

It’s not long before the man’s deep desire to submit to the opposite sex takes him on a journey of discovery… which is incompatible with his “Alpha” existence.

Will he be able to fuse his Beta cravings into his Alpha life?

Contains: Femdom, Alpha Male, Alpha Male Wannabe Beta Male, Professional Dominatrix, Foot Worship, Pegging, BDSM, Chastity Cage, Humiliation, Brief FF

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Word Count: 16,350
ISBN: 9780463552322
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