Three Favors


Lady Laurel is the head of Wildflower Estate.  Beautiful, intelligent, dominant, with a dark sexuality, she yearns for someone capable of understanding the demons she needs to unleash.

She decides to test her new stableman, Jack.

To her surprise, Jack passes with flying colors.

But he has a past.

And their love cannot exist.

Because in their world of Gehenna, there is no distinction between “servant” and “slave”.

In order for their love to come out of the shadows, Laurel and Jack must survive a rigged tournament, revenge, jealousy, inner struggles, a corrupt government, a duel… and the fact that the two are from opposite ends of the rigid caste system.

Interwoven with the action, adventure, sex, and misperceptions is a whisper of magic.

This kinky Camelot will keep you engaged, guessing and aroused.

“Three Favors” is the debut novel from L.K. Lynch.  It’s a perfect fit for the B.J. Frazier Publications family.

Contains:  BDSM, Slave, Exhibitionism, Bisexual FF Scenes, FF Scenes, Humiliation, Threeway, Action, Adventure, Jealousy, Revenge, Brutal Punishment, Femdom

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Word Count: 69,530
ISBN: 9781005131791
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