Perchance to Dream – Book 6


Deeper and deeper under the control of the sex- and power-crazed Dr. Frankie go both the patients and the staff in the “sleep clinic”.

But there are still hidden depths and unlikely relationships to be explored.

Sayo revels in her growing domination of Stephanie…

Lorenzo gradually molds Cliff into the bitch-boy that the self-denying patient truly wants to be…

While Lorenzo becomes more servile and obedient to the cunning and sadistic Dr. Frankie herself…

The end is near…

The sixth installment of B.J. Frazier’s series of sexual need and perverted desire.

Contains:  Femdom, Doctor, Doctor/Patient, BDSM, Mind Games, Manipulation, Findom, LGBTQ, Bisexual, Dungeon, Alpha Male, M2M

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Word Count: 16,420
ISBN: 9780463693797
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