E li – Book 5 ~ Triumph


Eli has evolved sexually, from naíve and vanilla to a blossoming femboy slut.  He’s intelligent, gullible, kind, and sexy… and he’s dealt with betrayal and lies, and meanness from friends, enemies and lovers.

In “Triumph”, Eli faces the most treacherous of obstacles.  Blind infatuation, lust and love lead him into a danger he could never imagine.  He learns who his real friends are; some of whom turn out to be the most unexpected people.

With each new adventure, Eli has learned about himself and life in general, and he’s gained wisdom.

But can wisdom alone help him choose between two lovers?  Or can he keep them both?

The well-seasoned duo of B.J. Frazier and Jessie Spectre present a surprise ending whollop in the series finale… one which has crescendoed since the very beginning.

Contains:  Gay Sex; Femboy; LGBTQ; Anal; Chastity Cage, Male Chastity; Multiple Partners; Older Man/Younger Man, Gay Erotica, Erotic Romance, Twink, BDSM

Severe Content Warning:  B.J. Frazier Publications books contain plots and well-developed characters

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Word Count: 48,683
ISBN: 978-1-957131-39-9
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