Final Stop: Domination


Andrew is a neurotic young man who is socially inept and keeps to himself.  On the outside, he’s quirky, unassuming and usually placed in the “friends category”.

On the inside, though, he observes, judges… and wants to be dominated.

Overtime at work causes him to catch a later bus, with different passengers.  An unappealing couple argue loudly and capture Andrew’s attention.

When he overhears more than he bargains for… he winds up in his first BDSM encounter!

This story is about sexual questioning, and a threesome with a dominant female and two male submissives.

Contains:  BDSM, Sexual Questioning, Threesome, Female dominating two males, masturbation, Candle Wax, Cigarette Ash, Smoking, Dungeon, Male Submission, Femdom

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Word Count: 17,896
ISBN: 9781005282875
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