Perchance to Dream Box Set – Books 1 – 3


What could go wrong when a wife, whose rest is disturbed, sends her husband to a clinic to be treated for a sleep disorder?

A lot, actually.

Especially when the clinic is staffed by an exotic Asian assistant and a sultry, bisexual doctor, who has disorders of her own.

Disorders that the hapless husband is about to experience in an upfront and personal way…

Ignorant of the goings-on at the sleep clinic, other doctors provide her with a steady stream of subs to satisfy her hunger to control and rule.

Men being men, there will always be those who fall and, when they do, Dr. Frankie will ensure they NEVER rise again.

And it’s not only men she enjoys controlling…

With action in both the dungeon and the exam rooms, the patients and staff get a mental and sexual workout from the deviously dominant and bisexual Dr. Frankie.

Fast-paced and sexually charged, exotic female-led fiction from B.J. Frazier.

Contains: Femdom, Doctor, BDSM, Mind Games, Manipulation, Findom, LGBTQ, Bisexual, Virgin, Dungeon, Alpha Male, Branding, Deflowering, M2M, Gay

Severe Content Warning:  B.J. Frazier books contain *plots* and *well-developed characters*

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Word Count: 49,065
ISBN: 9780463581865
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