This is Knot DomCon – Book 1


Reality meets fiction as characters from B.J. Frazier books attend DomCon L.A.  While the setting is real, the events of this thrilling new trilogy are most certainly not.

The series incorporates all that is best about DomCon.  It’s a place where professionals and lifestylers bond, swap stories, socialize, educate, and get educated.  Longstanding members are heralded, and those who have passed are honored.  All the while, of course, there is lots of kinky fun happening.

B.J. Frazier skillfully weaves an intricate cast of characters, separating the professionals from the lifestylers, while including the kinky along with the kink-curious.

This is Knot DomCon – Book One introduces the cast of characters, including old friends from B.J. Frazier’s other stories, along with a few folks from the real world.

Get comfy, put out your Do Not Disturb sign, turn off your ringer, and make sure you have one hand free as you begin your descent into a kinky maelstrom of excitement.

From the prolific pen of B.J. Frazier comes the beginning of an epic adventure.

Contains:  Femdom, BDSM, Fetish Wear, LGBTQ, Bi-curious, Ethical Non-monogamy, cheating, Sex Toys, Chastity

Severe Content Warning:  B.J. Frazier Publications books contain plots and well-developed characters

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Word Count: 54,641
ISBN: 978-1-957131-40-5
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