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I established my company with an eye on the future… the very *far* future.  I’m talkin’ years.  It wasn’t something I took seriously.  In only six short months, though, I connected with an amazing author, Sean O’Toole, whose writing spans decades of unpublished work.

Those of you who have read my work know that plot and character development are essential to my kink.  Sean fully supports this standard (or I wouldn’t work with him!).

It gives me warm fuzzies to present Sean O’Toole’s “Three Erotic Tales in a Brown Paper Wrapper”.  His first book is a compilation of three short stories.  We chose them to showcase his versatility.

You’re going to love the book… and Sean, too!

Fun facts about Sean, taken from his bio:  I like humor.  I speak fluent sarcasm.  I try not to take anything too seriously.  I like dogs but don’t own one.  I love music.  I’m omnivorous.  I own more books than I can conveniently store.  I believe in things that work–everything else is a con.

Did you know I have a Kinky Links page?

It has where you can connect with me, sites I visit, and learn about books and authors I recommend.  I enjoy reading books from my friends from the Writing Community in Twitter.  I never tell someone that I’m reading his book.  If I can’t give someone a five-star review, I don’t review it.  End of story.

If it’s noteworthy, I share it with you.  Last month, I had the pleasure of reading two books:  “Beyond Death”, by DW Harvey and “The Flame”, by John L. DeBoer.

Harvey’s book is a quick bite of a noir detective story that will leave you feeling satisfied.

DeBoer’s novel, while not erotic, deals with Laura, a femme fatale who reminds me of Lisa, from “Lisa’s Lies”.  She does whatever (and whomever) it takes to better her life.

The Kinky Links page has links to purchase these books and also to my five-star reviews.  Enjoy!

[Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

“Three Erotic Tales in a Brown Paper Wrapper” by Sean O’Toole.

A compilation of three short stories as follows:

John and Marsha ~ What happens when a pair of lonely road warrior meet by chance in a hotel bar?  From a casual drink to dinner and… well, you’ll just have to read to find out.

The Good Samaritan ~ Rick is driving back to his college dorm when he stops to assist two women with car trouble.  They promise to repay him in the future.  Rick forgets about it until the women knock on his door… and money’s not the currency to cover their debt.

A Curious Proposal ~ The Mainwarings have been married for 40 years and are still in love.  Roger recently shed 100 pounds, which supercharged his libido, but Pamela’s sex drive is waning.  Her creative solution is to call for backup.  It’s every husband’s dream to have sex with another woman… but Pamela has some rules.

“He Wanted It”

After “It Wasn’t What I Wanted” was released, I received two comments:  That was hot… but I want to know what Vicky (the wife) and Sherry (the sex store worker) talked about!

By popular demand, I wrote the companion to “It Wasn’t What I Wanted”.  “He Wanted It” is told from Vicky’s perspective, which is slightly different from Mitch’s.  Of course, you get those conversations you asked for.  Plus, you will understand Vicky a lot better.

She’ll tell you how she became a domme.

Good as a stand-alone story.  Better in tandem.

“Abandoned in Texas”

The next stand-alone installment of the Dreamscapes series focuses on Bobbie Sue, a pretty but naive Southern belle whom every guy desires.

Mason Evans, the adopted son of a preacher, weds and beds Bobbie Sue… to great disappointment.

He seeks extra-curricular “meditation” from females outside county lines.

While acting as the church’s youth therapist, Bobbie Sue meets a kinky college boy who tells her about Dreamscapes, the all-inclusive sex resort that caters to women.

Find out what happens when sheltered and religious Bobbie Sue books a trip to the sex resort.

This book is completed and should be released next week!

Not required but strongly recommended, if you haven’t read the two-book opener to the series, check it out here.

Question:  I have a question for you:  do you have any experience with, and opinion on, face dildos?  We’re considering getting one, but have no idea what constitutes a good one… wishing you the kinkiest of Fridays and a terrific weekend!

Answer:  I personally don’t use them because, while in that position, I much prefer a tongue. :p  However, here’s a list of the best face strapons for 2020.  It lists different things to consider before purchasing.  Good luck, and I hope you let me know which one you choose!!

Question:  I’ve got a question for you, perhaps especially since you’re a kinky writer.  When someone is writing to you or even just doing a post or tweet online, do you lose some respect or interest in them as a potential play partner if their spelling is bad?  I try not to be a snob or spelling nazi–and a couple of my best vanilla friends, who are very smart, are bad spellers.  So I know spelling and intelligence aren’t necessarily linked.  But if a person, especially a D type, who is supposedly well-versed in kink, doesn’t know when to use, for example, dominant vs dominate or loser vs looser, or is supposedly into the fetish but misspells cuckold as cuckhold, it makes me less interested in them and certainly in trusting my safety to them.  Am I alone in this?

Answer:  Short answer–you’re not alone.  Now for the longer version.  I taught high school English, and I took off double points if a student messed up you’re/your.  But that’s a different context.

When I first sex-chatted, dabbled in online dating, and joined smedia (my UNaffectionate term for social media), I was severely put off by the shocking absence of grammar.

However, as you say, spelling and intelligence don’t always go hand-in-hand.  And the English language is replete with grammar exceptions.

I’ve learned to suspend my “purple pen” edits in order to get to the end game.  With sex-chatting, it’s to… well, get off.  If the person on the other side of the screen could set the stage and describe foreplay, I forgave the errors.

[This very scenario is explored in “Dreamscapes: Behind the Cyber Veil”]

If someone sends me a direct message that contain errors, again, I overlook them to get to the point of the message.  I figure people are basically connected to their devices, and they make hundreds of posts and/or messages daily.  It’s not realistic to proof every one.

That said… and as much as I hate to admit it… I’ve been guilty of committing the same errors of which we speak!  *gasp*

However, in the NSFW (not safe for work) forums, people like to alter pictures and gifs with their own captions; either on the images themselves or under them.  These, presumably, are meant for others’ enjoyment, and to be reposted for years to *come*.

In that instance, yes, it irritates me immensely to see “I’m a dominate male who enjoys…” or “You’re just a cuckhold”.

For posts with anticipated longevity, PROOFREAD!!  To answer your question, yes, these posts make me think there is a lack of intelligence.

Additionally, I recently had a DM conversation with a fellow bdsmlr this week, who complained of the exact same thing.  In fact, he gets so offended by these types of errors, that he’s blocked and unfollowed people.

Thanks for the great questions!

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