DomCon NOLA 2023 ~ The Third Review

        I traveled to the recording studio last week to record “Mistress Managed – Book One” with Thomas Antonson.  He is a seasoned sound guy.  For those of you who have listened to my audiobooks, he’s the professional voice that introduces the production.  He also voices several male characters in “The Come… Continue reading

DomCon NOLA 2023 ~ The Second Review

Happy November and Stray Tidbits! Same Newsletter Apologies for sending the same newsletter email twice last week; although I’m not entirely sure everyone received it twice.  I’m having some problems with the spam filter on my website, which resulted in nearly 100 sign-ups for the newsletter… which in turn resulted in my email campaign freaking… Continue reading

DomCon NOLA 2023 ~ The First Review

Reviews Thank you to everyone who diligently writes reviews after reading my books.  You have gotten me over 300 reviews!  Please keep them coming. Reviews are important because they may push other would-be readers to buy a book.  Plus, let’s face it, we live in a numbers world.  The more reviews a reader sees, the… Continue reading