DomCon L.A. ~ The Fourth Review

Where Did June Go?   I wasn’t going to share with you what’s been going on with me this month but, when several of you messaged me to inquire about the next DomCon post, I realized it had been longer than I was aware. A couple of months ago a pinched nerve/disc compression was detected… Continue reading

DomCon L.A. ~ The Third Review

Celebrating Fifty!   It is an absolute honor to share my fiftieth book with Jessie Spectre.  Not only is “Eli” a scorchingly *hot* series but the collaboration has been a marvelous blending of work, and I’ve learned a ton.  Thank you, Jessie, for all of your support, humor, knowledge… and for trusting me to work… Continue reading

DomCon L.A. ~ The Second Review

  I *LOVE* doing con reviews because your comments are awesome. I actually received several messages asking when the first one would be published *as I was writing it* because people couldn’t wait. So thank you to the many people who sent positive feedback after reading. If you missed the first installment, here is your… Continue reading