Checklists are Live

As Promised, BDSM Checklists are Live!   Newsletter subscribers received notification and had exclusive access to my BDSM Checklists for a week.  More great exclusives are coming only to subscribers, so make sure you’re on the list and in the know.  Click the bottom of any page to subscribe. Please note there is a lot… Continue reading

The Rear View

Newsletter Sign-up!   If you’re not signed up for my newsletter, do it now.  There’s a sign-up link at the bottom of every web page.  Newsletter subscribers received bonus vacation pictures from me last week! I’ve been a bit busy (more below–pun not intended).  Thank you for your well wishes in smedia, where I have… Continue reading

Kinky Resolutions

Happy New Year!   It’s nearly February but, after talking with many of you, I don’t feel badly for the lateness of this post.  For some reason, it’s been difficult for us to divest ourselves of the holidays.  I lacked motivation, and the pull toward laziness was compelling. But I’m back!  And I hear you… Continue reading

Merry Kinkmas!

Many thanks to Borntosuffer, LeftField, sizeerrorprojection, and toymax for their IT assistance with getting a new laptop. I’ve talked with many of you about the issues I’ve experienced.  It’s been wonderful to speak with tech savvy folks.  Borntosuffer and sizeerrorprojection pointed me to which brands to avoid or consider.  LeftField figured out how to make… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

Another year of erotica has flown by, and I didn’t learn how to magically go around the world to give hugs to all.  But I can give you a cyber present! You decide how *big* you want it… and get what you want.  The more you shop, the more you save!  The best part is: … Continue reading

Domcon NOLA 2022 Review Part 4

Thank You This is the week in the U.S. that we give thanks.  I am grateful for you.  Every reader.  Every subscriber.  Every person I’ve met at kink conventions.  And the people I’ve met in smedia. There are a lot of various articles questioning, “can you really be friends with someone you’ve only met online?” … Continue reading

Domcon NOLA 2022 Review Part 3

  E li is Out! I’m so proud of this series.  Rich in character development and storyline, even if you’re not into gay erotica, there’s much to love here! After the last blog post about the collaborative effort, I received a couple of snarky messages questioning whether it was, in fact, as good as I… Continue reading

Domcon NOLA 2022 Review Part 2

  B.J. Frazier Publications proudly welcomes the addition of a new author to its family; Jessie Spectre! Meet Jessie: Jessie Spectre loves writing all kinds of stories, true and fictional.  As a kid growing up near Birmingham, Jessie developed a thick skin and an open mind.  After years of writing all kinds of stories, Jessie… Continue reading

How Was Domcon?

The Wait is Over! “A Domme for Christmas” is live! I had a separate advertisement for pre-ordering the xmas novel on my table at Domcon [you know I like to tease… the review is below but don’t skip the good stuff to get there], and the repeated comment was, “We need a kinky Hallmark movie!”… Continue reading