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Celebrating Locktober In honor of those of you celebrating Locktober–and those who are curious–use Coupon Code:  Lock25 in your shopping cart when purchasing “Caught in Chastity” or “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena” The coupon works for both books, and it’s good all month. My third audiobook has been released for “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena”… Continue reading

Hot Off the Press

Hot Off the Press!! RELEASED TODAY:  The final installment of the “Betting the Pride; Losing the Prejudice” trilogy. Doug pushed his wife Anne to take on a bull.  After tons of convincing and reassurance, Anne allows herself to enjoy Shane’s cock… but is she liking it a bit too much? Or is Shane liking Anne… Continue reading

What’s on the Rise Since COVID?

What’s on the Rise Since COVID?  There are jokes about the divorce rate soaring due to COVID, but what about couples who stay together? Would you be surprised to learn that kink exploration has grown during the lockdown?  It’s true! I have spoken with several naughty shop managers who claim their business is “recession-proof”.  Whenever… Continue reading

What Would You Do…?

What Would You Do if a Dominatrix Moved in Next Door? Charlotte Taillor moved into the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, and started a home business.  Are you thinking Etsy store, Mary Kay… or maybe even sex toys? You’re closer with the latter.  It was a dominatrix school, where she held classes to teach… Continue reading

This Week’s Christmas in July Special

The Come Bet

This Week’s Special Christmas in July Savings! “The Come Bet”  is the featured book for tremendous savings today through July 24! Check out the other savings all through July here:  Christmas in July Savings. What is B.J. Working On? Well, the positive feminization short story wants to be a novella.  The transformation of an eighteen-year-old… Continue reading

This Week’s Special Christmas in July Savings!

I Blame Quentin Tarantino

“I Blame Quentin Tarantino” is the featured book for tremendous savings today through July 17! Check out the other savings all through July here:  Christmas in July Savings What is B.J. Working On? I have been asked to write a positive feminization story from the male perspective.  The requesters have specifically asked for a book… Continue reading

My First Ever Audiobook!

Thanks for sharing the *giddy* about my first ever audiobook! I narrated “Closing the Deal”, which is a first-person novella about a top-notch businesswoman who learns how to take charge in the bedroom. I’m circumventing the big audiobook stores because the royalties favor them and not the artist.  Your download will look and feel like… Continue reading

Christmas in July

Gifting you Christmas in July! July makes me think of summer, happiness… and frantic frolicking with fun friends!  What better way to celebrate than with a month-long savings extravanza! Browse through the Savings Section to find savings upon savings with many compilations.  Put the books in your cart today and pay for them tomorrow when… Continue reading

It’s Live!

“Betting the Pride; Losing the Prejudice – Book One” has been released! Meet the main characters: Shane Shackleford: bull; hates swearing; realtor; motto: A clean house is a show-ready house; 10-inch cock Anne Rickerson: dowdy; swears a lot; loves Jane Austen; works for Shane Shackleford Realty; happily married; accountant; soon to be a hotwife Doug… Continue reading

Lockdown Continues… So Does Savings!

Difficult to imagine lockdown is still going strong.  It’s been extended until June 12.  As such, I am extending the sales through June 15 on “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena” and “Mistress Managed – Book One”. If you haven’t read them yet… get them today! There are many glowing reviews for each of these, and… Continue reading