October is the Second Best Month of the Year!

  Last month, subscribers got TWO bonus coupons.  Make sure you don’t miss the next coupon or inside tidbit; subscribe today at the bottom of this page! Need more incentive?  Check out the “What’s B.J. Doing?” section below… And now, here’s what YOU had to say about my last blog post. toymax ~ Love Your… Continue reading

Another Fun Book Club!

    We discussed “Her Wish. His Command.” at the very late time of 11p, Eastern.  Even though it was late, it was a GREAT discussion. Several questions came in ahead of time.  We started with toymax’s questions, which were directed to the characters.  I answered them from the characters’ perspective, which was tons of… Continue reading

Only a Few Left!

Be **IN** a B.J. Frazier Novel!   My last blog post revealed a secret about my next project, which will be a trilogy.  It also outlined the offer that you could be IN a B.J. Frazier novel!  (If you missed it or need a refresher, head to that blog post) The response to this offer… Continue reading

Secret Revealed!

Be **IN** a B.J. Frazier Novel!   I teased you after DomCon L.A. that Mistress Cyan and I talked about something which I’d tell you later.  Well, that time is now! In celebration of publishing 50 books, I am writing a trilogy that includes many of my characters.  What a better setting for them to… Continue reading

August is a *HOT* Month!

  Eli – Book Five ~ Triumph was released today!  It is the series finale that you have been waiting for. Eli has evolved sexually, from naíve and vanilla to a blossoming femboy slut.  He’s intelligent, gullible, kind, and sexy… and he’s dealt with betrayal and lies, and meanness from friends, enemies and lovers. In… Continue reading

Farewell, July

You Kept Me in the Recording Booth   Thank you for making my birthday even more wonderful!  I enjoyed sending recorded messages.  More than that, though, I liked the connection.  I sit behind a screen and type words to you.  Your taking the time and thought to select a gift and send it to me… Continue reading

Happy Birthday!!

To Me!   Don’t panic if you forgot, because it’s next week, so you have plenty of time to get me something.  *grin*  I’ve even pre-shopped for you… per your own requests that I create a wish list.  Win-win! You can buy me a drink, too, using the form on my BDSM Checklist page. Always… Continue reading

DomCon L.A. ~ The Fourth Review

Where Did June Go?   I wasn’t going to share with you what’s been going on with me this month but, when several of you messaged me to inquire about the next DomCon post, I realized it had been longer than I was aware. A couple of months ago a pinched nerve/disc compression was detected… Continue reading

DomCon L.A. ~ The Third Review

Celebrating Fifty!   It is an absolute honor to share my fiftieth book with Jessie Spectre.  Not only is “Eli” a scorchingly *hot* series but the collaboration has been a marvelous blending of work, and I’ve learned a ton.  Thank you, Jessie, for all of your support, humor, knowledge… and for trusting me to work… Continue reading

DomCon L.A. ~ The Second Review

  I *LOVE* doing con reviews because your comments are awesome. I actually received several messages asking when the first one would be published *as I was writing it* because people couldn’t wait. So thank you to the many people who sent positive feedback after reading. If you missed the first installment, here is your… Continue reading