May Your May be Steamy

The wait is over!  Sean’s latest short story collection is here!  This time, he turns steamy around the campfire. Plus, you know Sean loves to give his readers an extra treat, and this one is no different.  He includes a hilarious spoof using pornographic movie tropes.  You’re sure to smilegasm. “Erotic Campfire Stories” Men are… Continue reading

A St. Patrick’s Day Treat

  Teachers Cruise for Bottoms Three teachers concoct a way to make their darkest fantasies a reality… …by going on a cruise. Without their husbands. While at sea, the teachers hunt for willing men to act out teacher/student roleplays.  The women are in charge, and the men are in need of discipline. When the annual… Continue reading

A Very Special Two for Tuesday

Many of you, who follow my NSFW blogs on bdsmlr, Tumblr and Twitter, know that I do Two for Tuesday posts.  You will see many teaser promos today. The promos point to tomorrow as being a very special Two for Tuesday because the date is 2-22-22. In honor of this Day of Twos, I gift… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Release

“Cupid’s Quiver” is a collection of three Valentine’s stories from L.K. Lynch, Sean O’Toole and yours truly. L.K.’s “Two Birds” takes place at a lake house, where the hero has a double-fun weekend. Sean’s “Road Warriors” setting is a hotel for a femdom encounter. And my “Two Hearts” takes you back to the ‘80s and… Continue reading

Be Careful Experimenting!

The groundhog saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of hunkering down.  Which can also mean six more weeks of sexual experimentation. You know from my books and my smedia posts that I’m a huge fan of using household items in kink play.  Not all toys have to be expensive. But they absolutely should… Continue reading

Get Home-Schooled by the Teacher

I know many of you have been waiting for “The Lesson”.  I’ve had chats with many of you in smedia who are looking forward to this book. Wait no more! It is out today, so secure your copy and begin reading tonight. What is it about? Belinda is a teacher who is tired of her… Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and yours a wonderfully kinky 2022.  May you be good enough to be considered naughty.       Here is a sneak peek of my latest short story, “The Lesson”.  Tell me what you think! This book is the perfect way to stay warm this winter.  Belinda is a teacher who is tired… Continue reading

Merry and Happy

Sean, L.K. and I extend season’s greetings to all of you… Sean O’Toole ~ This time of year has traditionally been a time for taking stock; looking back over the old year and looking ahead to the new.  Looking back, I have a lot to be thankful for in 2021, but the part that’s relevant… Continue reading

New Quiz!

Tis the season for another quiz.  This one was suggested by many readers who wanted to know which mistress they would match up best with, out of the many characters published at B.J. Frazier Publications. Thank you to those who suggested it.  And thanks to these wonderfuls, who took the quiz as a beta tester… Continue reading

B.J.’s Holiday Sale

I am so grateful for another year of erotica!  The highlight has been keeping in touch with people from the early days of my smedia, and meeting new kinksters.  Okay, so that’s two.  As you know from the Creative Surveys, sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one.  Besides, I make the rules!  *grin* I’m unable… Continue reading