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Sean O’Toole, L.K. Lynch and I had so much fun with our Spring Break collaboration
that we’re doing it again!

This time, we’re each giving you a perspective on the 1940s detective noir genre.

L.K. is way ahead of us with a rough draft already completed about Atlantic City.  Sean is right behind with his ironic take on the hard-boiled detective trope.  And yours truly has come up with a twist (shocker).  Mine will be a femdom perspective!

I’ve had the pleasure of reading L.K.’s, and you guys are gonna LOVE it!

I recently read two great books from two of my author friends in Twitter:  Tom Kane and Dawn Hosmer.

Tom’s book, “The Eternal Man” is a collection of sci-fi shorts and snippets.  There is plenty of humor throughout the book, and all of them will make you stop and think about life.  It reminded me of a series of pitches for the original “Twilight Zone”.

Read more about the book and my five-star review.

Dawn’s book, “Somewhere in Between”, is a deconstructed mystery, where the deceased plays detective to her own death.  It’s gripping from the first chapter, and the characters are realistically flawed.

Read more about the book, and my five-star review.

There are good books that don’t contain smut… these are two of them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Question:  A popular question from submissives is how can they serve me?

B.J. Answer:  I’m not a lifestyler, and I don’t play a dominatrix online.  But that’s not going to prevent me from giving you several options!  🙂

I offer many fun, free things:  kinky quizzes (more coming soon!), advice, insights to other sexy websites, books and authors; in addition to my luscious books (and my authors’).

That’s not going to change.

Here are three things you can do to please me–whether you’re submissive or not *grin*

1 ~ Write a Goodreads review for each book you read.

A good review can motivate prospective readers to purchase.  All of my reviews are organic, and I value each and every one (even though I wish they were all five stars).

2 ~ Spread the good news! 

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Sean’s Answer:  I’ve done some online domination in the past (long time past) but it’s a lot of work. Subs tend to be needy and demand constant attention. Still, if you must, there ARE a few things you can do to serve me, if you insist.

I’d say do all three of the things B.J. suggested plus one — BUY MY BOOKS




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