*Touching* Base

Thank you.  You’ve overwhelmed me with well wishes, shout-outs and support.  I feel so *touched*

Since the launch, I’ve been asked, “Do you really drink” what’s offered in the Buy Me a Drink section?  To be honest, it was originally only “cocoa” but my web developers thought it was too tame, so they added *stiffer* drinks.

After your questions, I changed the offerings to better reflect me.  Have a look!

Work In Progress

I finished recording my first book… stay tuned for the newsletter!

I’m finalizing “Dreamscapes:  Behind the Cyber Veil – Book Two”, which wraps up the series opener.

I’m also writing a bull/hotwife novel… more in the newsletter!

Shout-Out to Twitland Peeps

Thank you to my author friends from Twitter for throwing a Launch Party at #WCAD (Writing Community After Dark).  During that raunchy romp, I came up with #WCADD for my newsletter… but no one guessed what the extra D stood for.

What’s the extra D?? …sign up for the newsletter and find out!  (bottom of this page)


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Happy reading,