Happy Birthday!!

Mistress Managed - Book 1

…to “Mistress Managed – Book One”.  It was published one year ago today.

To celebrate, I give YOU a gift!

A bjfrazier.com exclusive, good through the end of April, get your copy of “Mistress Managed – Book One” for only $3.99!  That’s 50% off the regular price!

As I reflect on my year of published status, I feel lucky.  Ups and downs aside, I am exceedingly grateful to my fans and new friends.

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Giving You Three More Gifts

The “Perchance to Dream” series is a nine-book set.  I have condensed them into three, three-book sets at an incredible savings:  Buy two books and get one completely free!

They’re listed under the “New Releases” section or click here

New Book!

“Dreamscapes: Behind the Cyber Veil – Book Two” has been released!  It is the conclusion to the Dreamscapes series opener.

It’s also under “New Releases” or find it here


Chrissie has resumed her blogging/reviewing hobby after some life-changing events.  Her blog, “Chrissie’s Romance Reviews” is packed with *heart*.

Always professional and kind in her candor, Chrissie’s reviews are informative and insightful without revealing the ending.

From an author’s perspective, she discusses plot, genre, characters, her emotional reactions, and grammar!

From a reader’s perspective, she provides an in-depth blueprint without giving anything away.

Book Review!

It is my giddy pleasure to share my first five-star review from a romance/erotica blogger!

I’m not sure I would believe this if I read it like you are, but it is purely coincidence that the timing of my introduction falls on the same day as Chrissie’s review!

To be fair, she told me she was reading my book when we first met last week.  And she told me the review would be out today.

But I had planned on heralding her blog today.

I hope you and yours are safe and well in this time of chaos!

Happy reading,