You Asked… I Provided!

Many of you asked whether I would be writing a COVID-19 story about being locked down with a mistress.

As soon as I thought of an ending, I went to work. It was supposed to be a short but Goddess Serena had more kink to explore, and it turned into a novella.

Nearly hot off the press is “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena”.

In honor of the lockdown extension, I’m offering a lockdown sale on “Lockdown”. You can find it here.

This book has quickly become a fan favorite and has already received 5-star reviews:

“I thought this book was very entertaining to read and loved the Coronavirus twist. The humor and the realism made the story seemed that much more fun to read and I would love to read more from BJ Frazier. Definitely a must read for those that love kink.”

“Another literary triumph for B.J. Frazier. If female led D/s is your thing you will absolutely love “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena.” Goddess Serena doles out humiliation and punishment to a pair of newbie subs in her New Orleans dungeon just as the COVID-19 pandemic hits the Crescent City.” . . . This is an entertaining read and well worth the investment in both time and treasure. Highly recommended.”

“B.J. Frazier delivers a knockout for the lock-down! “14-day Lockdown with Goddess Serena” is a two-week deep dive into lockdown with a Mistress bent on humiliation, which will have your rubber-gloved fingers turning the pages with a smile wide enough to reach beyond the edges of your facemask! It’s guaranteed that Serena’s subs are having more fun than the rest of us as Mistress puts them through her paces in erotic style. At least we can be a voyeur to the scenes as B.J. unfurls them as only she can do! If you ever wanted to know what lifestyle D/s might look like, this fortnight of femdom sets the bar for what life in the dungeon should be!”

Get your copy today!

In Progress

I’m in the final stretch of the bull/hotwife novel.  Fusing “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, I’ve added a B.J. Frazier twist to the bull/hotwife trope!

If you can’t wait to read it, I suggest doing a bit of homework to tide you over.  “How to Lose” is a rom/com that will earn you points with your significant other by suggesting it for your next lockdown date night.

“P&P” is a wonderful read, and it’s also a wonderful mini-series by BBC.  I strongly suggest you watch that one and not the Hollywood version.  It will also get you bonus points with your significant other! Plus, it’s free on Amazon Prime.

More details and the title coming soon.

Thank You!

In this time of chaos, confusion and Coronavirus, I send a personal thank you to all of the people who are working in the medical field. You are appreciated.

More thanks go to all of the essential workers as well for everything you do!

Thanks for making us safer, healthier and more protected. The world needs you.

During this time of stir-craziness and extra togetherness, I suggest sharing a B.J. Frazier book with your honey. If you already share kink, it will be an extra treasure.

If you’d like more kink, let my books provide the catalyst to get you communicating!

Whatever your situation, you’re sure to find a book you like:


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Many of you have similar questions, so I decided to combine them in one place.

While I’m no psychiatrist, I have been around the kink block a few times.  I may not have the perfect answer all the time, but I can provide a perspective you may not have considered.

To submit a question, DM me at bdsmlr, Tumblr or use the contact form on my website.

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