What Would You Do…?

What Would You Do if a Dominatrix Moved in Next Door?

Charlotte Taillor moved into the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, and started a home business.  Are you thinking Etsy store, Mary Kay… or maybe even sex toys?

You’re closer with the latter.  It was a dominatrix school, where she held classes to teach people about kink and BDSM.  Taillor claims no sex ever occurred during her workshops.

But that didn’t stop her neighbors from trying to give her the UNwelcome basket outta town.

The president of the neighborhood watch said she feared for her safety, questioning, “[O]nce the activity they have don’t get them off no more, what are they going to do, snatch a kid or a woman off the street…”

Overlooking the woman’s atrocious grammar, she’s clearly straight-up vanilla.  You may be laughing at her illogical connection… but think back to when you were naïve and vanilla.

Still, I’d like to think I was smart enough to realize that someone seeking a Dominatrix is NOT automatically going to turn into a menace to all females when he “don’t get ’em off no more”.  *giggling*

The article made me commend Goddess Serena from “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena” for the more discreet operations of her home business… where sex was definitely happening.

Read more from a radio news article and/or the New York Times

Coming very soon is the second installment of “Betting the Pride; Losing the Prejudice”.

Anne learns to accept Shane as her bull and begins her transformation into a hotwife.  Shane provides support and guidance as Anne embraces her sexuality.

Doug, Anne’s husband, was the one who suggested she take on a bull… but is he having second thoughts?

Get ready for another hot read… oh, and the crimes continue.  Who is sabotaging Shane’s open houses… and what will happen next?

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“From Pool Boy to Party Girl” is a gay, positive feminization novella.

Milos just turned eighteen and is still a virgin… and questioning his sexuality.  Sebastian is a thirty-two-year-old professor who’s been watching him for three years.

Sebastian patiently guides Milos from awkward young boy to looking like a beautiful girl.

When “Millie” is comfortable enough to become bratty, Sebastian seeks to teach her a lesson… which could threaten their entire connection.

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I often get asked about the best chastity device for beginners.  While there’s no right answer because it’s personal, the consensus is to start with plastic.  There’s no measuring involving, it’s the easiest to put on and it’s the cheapest.

However, you get what you pay for.  It can’t be worn 24/7 because it doesn’t leave room to breathe, clean and pee.  If you’re okay with removing it for bathroom time, it will work.  Plastic is a good place to start to give you a taste of chastity.

For stricter, hardcore chastity, go metal.  Most of these aren’t fully enclosed and can be worn 24/7.  Before you get one of these, you will need to take measurements to ensure a proper fit.

Here is a good instructional guide on measuring, if you’re interested.  I am including it for the step-by-step guide and not as an endorsement of any products that may be promoted.

If you’re giving the key to someone else, make sure it’s someone you know and trust.

As always, take care of yourself. If you’re experiencing pain, it could be a result of a bad fit.  Look into it or tell your keyholder so adjustments can be made and you can heal properly.

If you’d like to learn more about the different devices, I’m attaching an article from July of 2020 listing the top 10 cages.  I include it as a resource and not as an endorsement of any of the products listed.

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered?  Use the contact form to submit your question.  All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.


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