What’s on the Rise Since COVID?

What’s on the Rise Since COVID? 

There are jokes about the divorce rate soaring due to COVID, but what about couples who stay together?

Would you be surprised to learn that kink exploration has grown during the lockdown?  It’s true!

I have spoken with several naughty shop managers who claim their business is “recession-proof”.  Whenever there’s a downturn in the economy, people cancel vacations, curb date nights, and get creative.  Sex stores see a boost in revenues during otherwise bleak times, especially with online shopping.

PR Newswire has also reported an increased kink exploration during this time.  In fact, a new hookup site was born, KinkD.  In a survey that asked for its members’ kinky COVID activities, nearly 3,500 members responded.

What topped the list?

Virtual kinky play.  Not a surprise with social distancing and Zoom meetings.  Can’t go out and play?  Stay home and play instead.

Rounding out the top four are:  D/s, orgasm control and bondage.  See the top ten kink activities here.

Don’t be afraid to get your kink on!  But be safe about it.  If you’re venturing into real-life hookups again, please take the necessary precautions because COVID is still a factor.

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A bet that, if he loses, will see his sexual expectations changed for all time…

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Sebastian is a thirty-two-year-old professor who’s been watching him for three years.

Sebastian patiently guides Milos from awkward young boy to looking like a beautiful girl.

When “Millie” gets comfortable enough to become bratty, Sebastian seeks to teach her a lesson…

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My last newsletter/blog post loosened your tongues.  Thank you for your comments!!

There was a section on the best male chastity device.  One of you said that there wasn’t “one best” male chastity device.  I agree!  With sex in general, and BDSM in particular, there isn’t always ONE way to do something.

That same article prompted another reader to share his experience.  He told me he purchased a cheap cage from Amazon, which broke over time.  This clever person then replaced most of the plastic parts with metal, leaving a plastic shaft.

The moral of the story?  Don’t be afraid to try new things… and don’t be afraid to modify them to your liking!

There was also an article about a dominatrix moving into a neighborhood and the legal battle that ensued.  I received comments about that story, which I’ll quote here:

“If you moved in next door, I know how I would answer the Dominatrix question.  But if it was another Domme, I would have to answer that I was already taken, ma’am.”

“I would welcome her with rose petals. Black and red ones.”

I loved all of the responses!  You are real sweet-talkers. 🙂

If you missed those articles, catch them here.


What’s B.J. Doing?

Up next is the final installment of the bull/hotwife trilogy, “Betting the Pride; Losing the Prejudice”.

Anne Rickerson witnessed her boss engaged in rough sex with the office manager.  After telling her husband Doug, he suggested Anne take her boss as her bull.

Book One set the foundation for the scenario.  Book Two established the connection.  Book Three explores the effects of the relationship.

Is Doug having second thoughts?

Will Shane continue to juggle his women?

Does Anne fall for her bull?

The heat level rises while the crime continues.  Don’t miss the explosive conclusion!  Coming soon!

Missed the first two?  No problem.  Catch up here.


Question:  Do you have any tips on how to search or signal that I am looking for a FLR-type relationship in an online dating profile?

Answer:  Thanks for the timely question, given the influx of online play, Submissive Seeking Dominant.

Let me point out that this question is for a long-term relationship as opposed to an online or real-life hookup.

It’s important to note that, when seeking for a “forever mate”, boxes are checked across the compatibility board and not just in the sex category.  Sex is great, and important, but there are 20 more hours in the day (*grin*).

Here are my tips:

1.  Don’t call out the kink initially.  Meaning, choose a username closer to “Nice Guy” than “Wanna Be Owned”.

2.  Don’t start with negatives (ha).  You’ve been hurt and abused, and now know what you’re NOT looking for?  Great.  But don’t start with that.  Instead, talk to the person you seek to attract.

3.  List your attributes but don’t lie.  The number one item men lie about on dating sites is their height.  Really?  I mean, no one [sane] is going to show up to a first date with a tape measure.  But if she wears heels and your body parts don’t coincide with your stated height, she’s going to know… and be pissed!

4.  Be creative.  Think of a cute story or situation that you can tell in a paragraph.  It will make your profile stand out, and will also provide her with an icebreaker for the first message.

5.  Keep it simple.  Don’t tell your life story.  There’s plenty of time to get to know each other later.

6.  Submissive hints.  There are phrases you can use subtly.  “I am looking for a woman who is ___”, where you can fill in one or more adjectives like “dominant”, “assertive”, “opinionated”, “strong”, “comfortable with herself”, “secure”.  On the flipside, use acronyms like FLR and SSC.

Remember, the kink part should be a small percentage of the dating profile.  Someone who is into what you’re seeking will respond in kind.  Or, she may Google it… before she responds favorably!

Again, there’s no right answer when it comes to sex.  Just be you, and use your voice as you craft your profile.  I hope you find your forever girl, Submissive Seeking Dominant.  Good luck!

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered?  Use the contact form to submit your question.

All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.



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