My First Ever Audiobook!

Thanks for sharing the *giddy* about my first ever audiobook!

I narrated “Closing the Deal”, which is a first-person novella about a top-notch businesswoman who learns how to take charge in the bedroom.

I’m circumventing the big audiobook stores because the royalties favor them and not the artist.  Your download will look and feel like a “real” audiobook, though.

There are two choices:  m4b, which is for Apple products; and a zipped mp3, which is for PC and Android devices.  With the m4b, Apple apps will automatically pop open after the download.  With the mp3, you will need to unzip the files and create a new folder.  If you need help, please click on the instruction guides below.

Even though the technical side has been fixed, I will still honor the extra special pricing.  But don’t wait, because this price is only good for Christmas in July.

Buy your copy today, and have my voice in your ears tonight!

Happy listening,


How to Download to Android

How to Download to PC