Christmas in July

Gifting you Christmas in July!

July makes me think of summer, happiness… and frantic frolicking with fun friends!  What better way to celebrate than with a month-long savings extravanza!

Browse through the Savings Section to find savings upon savings with many compilations.  Put the books in your cart today and pay for them tomorrow when the sales go live!

Plus, I have two extra special offerings to kick the month off:  “Mistress Managed” is released as one book.  And my first ever audiobook will be available July 1st!

More on the audiobook below.

After completing the books of “Mistress Managed”, readers have often complimented my ability to write cliffhangers… to which I’ve secretly chuckled, because it wasn’t intended that way!

“Mistress Managed” was originally written as one, cohesive novel but released as a trilogy.

For the first time ever, and in celebration of Christmas in July, I am proud to offer “Mistress Managed” in its entirety.

This book is not in the typical compilation style but will read fluidly from chapter to chapter.  Meaning, there will be no “Book One”, “Book Two” or “Book Three” interruptions.  You can read it as I meant for it to be written.

Plus, it’s at a considerable savings!  So get your copy today.

Extra special savings are exclusive to my website.

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Feel Dumb About Your Kink? Don’t… It’s Actually Smart!

According to the Daily Beast article, fetish sex among intellectuals is on the rise!  “Cuckolding: The Sex Fetish for Intellectuals” specifically discusses cucking.

“The Surprising Psychology of BDSM” in Psychology Today discusses BDSM generally.

Both articles point to intelligence as a key factor in kink.  They further explain that intellectuals enjoy psychological games like cucking, BDSM and roleplaying.

Many *smart* people agree that 90% of sex happens between the ears.

With only so many ways to fit that pole in the hole, it’s no wonder people like to explore other pleasures.  How many people do it, what do they do, what do they get out of it, and… is it mentally unhealthy?

People’s reluctance to answer questions about sex in scientific polls depends on how the questions are phrased.  For example, two polls in 2008 and 2015 revealed between 2 and 62% of people are into S&M.  Research aside, suffice to say that you’re not alone!

The Psychology Today article discusses some basic definitions of kink, which I’ll skip.  The article also refers to bondage, blindfolds, pain, and humiliation.  The list is not all-inclusive, so don’t fret if you don’t see your kink.

It’s clear that the brain is an important organ, whether between the sheets, in the dungeon, or watching your loved one enjoy someone else.

Freud was adamant that deviant sex was synonymous with someone in need of therapy, but current research shows the opposite is true.  Many studies show that people who engage in some type of kink are actually happier, healthier and far more well-adjusted!

So, embrace your kink!  Explore new ideas with your significant other (and/or others), incorporate toys, roleplay, use restraints, and most anything else you can think of.

Always be safe and respectful when exploring.  Safewords and after-care are both important. If you missed the newsletter on safewords, you can find it here.

If cuckolding piques your interest, you should check out my latest bull/hotwife novel

If you’re not into cuckolding, you should still check out my latest bull/hotwife novel because it’s not all about cucking!  See the “New Releases” page.

Want to read more?
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The Psychology Today article.

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I’m so excited to release my first audiobook in celebration of Christmas in July!

Many of you prefer listening to reading.  Some of you travel long distances and have been asking when I can *accompany* you in the car.

Your wait is over… though I’d feel remiss if I didn’t point out that listening to my books while driving could be extremely distracting!  Please listen responsibly.Closing the Deal

“Closing the Deal” is the first book I’ve narrated and is available to you as an audiobook. For more information and to listen to a preview go here.

As you know, the cost of audiobook production is high.  However, because it’s my first ever audiobook, it is included in the Christmas in July savings, too!

Take advantage of this wonderful offer today… and take me with you!

Also newly released is part one of “Betting the Pride; Losing the Prejudice”

The book merges themes from “Pride and Prejudice” and “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, set in Beverly Hills, California.  With real estate as the backdrop, the book tours homes, sex, crime, passion, and love.

While it’s a bull/hotwife book, and contains some of the usual elements of its genre, it also steps outside of the typical trope to keep the reader guessing, intrigued and aroused.

It is erotica with twists, a treasure trove of characters and a whodunnit that unfolds under layers of sexual domination and sexual awakening.

Pair this hot, new book with some of the savings and *come* away a winner!

B.J. Reveals!

I have been repeatedly asked how much of me is in my characters, and which one is most like me.

It’s difficult not to put at least a little part of me into everything I write.  Since I write from personal experience as well as fantasies (yours and mine), there are many characters and situations that are modeled after my encounters, your encounters and/or our salacious wishlists.

There are three books that were shared with me as either fantasy or reality. In chronological order, “I Blame Quentin Tarantino” is based on a friend’s encounter with a professional dominatrix in Amsterdam.  The main character and story surrounding the encounter are from my creation.

The second is “Caught in Chastity”, which is “OwnedCuck’s” fantasy.  He also created the main image for the cover.  OwnedCuck shared his deepest desire with me and asked me to write about it.  The book is created with his assistance, and involves the complete transformation of a husband into cuck by his loving wife… with my twist at the end.

The third is the “Perchance to Dream” / “Lorenzo’s Story” series.  “Stationplay” took a sleep apnea test last year and thought I could turn it into a short story.  He had no idea I could create a nine-book, kinky character study from it!

While it stems from a real-life encounter, the entire series is fictional… and *hot*.  The series surrounds the diabolical and bisexual Dr. Frankie’s sleep clinic… where she really tests patients’ sexual proclivities and uses her subs for her pleasure and the patients’ learning.

The entire PTD compilation sets are a part of the Christmas in July sale!

Did you forget the original question yet? *grin*

I know you haven’t. The books that most resemble me are “Dreamscapes: Behind the Cyber Veil – Books One and Two” and “Mistress Managed”.

For more insight and savings, get the entire novel of “Mistress Managed: The Rise and Fall of a Domme” as a featured book in the Christmas in July sale!

That’s all three books together as one novel… the way it was originally written!

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered? Come out of the closet or submit anonymously using the contact form on my website.

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