B.J.’s Holiday Sale

I am so grateful for another year of erotica!  The highlight has been keeping in touch with people from the early days of my smedia, and meeting new kinksters.  Okay, so that’s two.  As you know from the Creative Surveys, sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one.  Besides, I make the rules!  *grin*

I’m unable to fly around the world and deliver sweet nothings to each of your dwellings, but I can do the next best thing:  Give you a cyber present!

You decide how *big* you want it… and get what you want.  The more you shop, the more you save!  The best part is:  No coupon codes to remember!

Just remember to gift yourself in December.  Or if you have a hard-to-buy-for someone on your list, gift them a B.J. Frazier, Sean O’Toole or L.K. Lynch book.  That’s right, the entire site is on sale!

Even the audiobooks!

Your shopping cart will automatically deduct your savings.  They are as follows:

Buy 2 books, get 10% off

Can’t decide between two books?  Don’t!  Get them both with a discount!

Buy 3 or 4 books, and get 25% off your order

Can’t decide between several books?  Don’t!  Get them all with a discount!

Buy 5 or more books, and get 50% off your order

Can’t decide between several books?  Don’t!  Get them all with a discount!





Her Wish. His Command. is a hit!  But don’t take my [objective] perspective.  The book has two reviews already, and it’s freshly off the press.

The first review is from my friend and fellow author Mike Bowerbank.  You’ve seen his books showcased in my newsletter and on my site.  He is a masterful punster and mystery writer.

He is not a regular reader of erotica, however.  Still, he enthusiastically gives two thumbs up in his Goodreads review.

The second review is from Bob at the Beauty in Ruins blog.  Bob is a seasoned connoisseur and reviewer of erotic books, and also writes them.  You can read his thorough review on his blog.

I have to confess to doing a giddy dance when I got to the part where Bob quoted Grant, the main character in Her Wish. His Command.  My work has never been quoted before (outside of Creative Surveys), and it was awesomely cool to see it.

Grant struggled to explain how Rachel was different than other girls.  In his shyness, he came up with the best way to define how he felt.  I remember writing up to that point and stopping to think, as Grant would.  I give him the credit for thinking of it, and I was proud of him for doing it.

Which makes it all the more thrilling to see it quoted back to me!

Reviews are eagerly sought after and help potential readers know what’s good.  So jump on the band wagon and submit your own review… to this book and/or any others you’ve read.




I’ve gotten a lot of questions just for me again, which is good as Sean O’Toole spends time with his family this holiday season.

Public Service Announcement regarding Bots.

I heard from many of you after the last big newsletter, thanking me for my comments about bots.  One of you suggested I make a post about it in smedia to help get the word out, which I did.

If you need a refresher on the post, check out that blog entry or visit my bdsmlr post.  Warning, while the bdsmlr post is safe for work, the rest of my blog is not.

I received a message from someone who had qualifiers, and I’d like to share them.  He pointed out that not every blog with a “mistress” or “goddess”, etc., in the title is a bot.  Sometimes, live human beings who are dominant name their blogs how they’d like to be addressed.  He explained it’s another way of identifying them.

He also added that not every person who offers dominant, online services and charges a fee is a bot or is necessarily out to swindle subs.  Rather, they are operating as online keyholders, dominants, etc. as a job.

To that end, I nod and applaud the addenda.  Sometimes when I’m trying to make a point, I get tunnel-visioned.  In this case, the message was to warn smart subs who yearn for dominance to think twice before engaging with an obvious bot.

Thank you to my friend for the caveats.  I’ll amend my point to emphasize caution.  Make sure you’re comfortable with someone online before you give out any personal information.  Try to hold your submissive needs aside until you can objectively run through the checklist of bot-like signs.

Everyone over 18 can vote in Creative Surveys!

My Creative Surveys come out every Tuesday and Friday on my NSFW bdsmlr blog.  Since today is Tuesday, one will go live today.  You can search my blog for #BJF Creative Survey or #survey to find the latest one.

The surveys are open until the next survey date, when a survey results post will go live.  You can search for that with #BJF Creative Survey Results or #survey results.

I also make a post on my Twitter account, which links to the bdsmlr blog.  Unfortunately, I cannot put a bdsmlr link in my Tumblr blog or I will get kicked.  I know, I know, many of you are anti-Tumblr because of the Great Purge.  But there are still really cool people and readers there!

Why am I telling you about surveys?  Because I see a lot of “likes” without votes.  And I recently got a submission for a survey picture from someone who’s never voted before.

I’ve been doing the survey for so long that there are regular voters.  I also tag people in the Twitshitland post to get the message out.  It could appear cliquish or that the survey is only open to those people.

It’s not.  Anyone who’s over 18 can vote.  You can reblog with your answer in the smedia sites or you can DM me.

I read all the responses–they’re the highlight of my queuing task!  So please, don’t be afraid to vote.  It makes me happy to have more responses.

Question:  You write comments to everyone but me; why?  *Follow-up*:  You post a lot in bdsmlr and Tumblr with a message that the pic is for particular people but none for me.

Answer:  Thanks for the question and opportunity to explain.  Going back to the tunnel-vision discussion, my focus is to give a shoutout to people I talk with on a regular basis.  Or, if I know someone likes a particular form of kink, I’ll say it’s “for” him.  My intent is to INclude not EXclude.

But I completely understand the question and frustration.  And, thinking of it from the questioner’s point of view, I’d feel slighted in reverse.

There’s absolutely no way I can keep up with every posting in smedia.  Especially true in bdsmlr, where they don’t have a good tracking system.  And I’ll freely admit, I’m bad at searching posts to check commentary.

You will see, though, that I often reblog posts where someone has made a comment directly to me, either under my comment or one of his own.  And I’ll add my comment directly back.  I’ll let you in on a secret: 99.99% of the time, that person has shared the post with me in a DM.

It’s so much easier to see them that way.  So if you write a comment to me, the best way to guarantee that I see it is to share it as a DM.

And I encourage you to do it.  1) I’ll definitely see it and respond (if I think it’s appropriate to respond to), but more importantly; 2) You’ll get the shoutout you deserve.  😀

Thanks for the great questions and comments!

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered?  Use the contact form to submit your question.  All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.

For other kinky advice, check my blog archives.

Happy reading and happy holidays,