New Quiz!

Tis the season for another quiz.  This one was suggested by many readers who wanted to know which mistress they would match up best with, out of the many characters published at B.J. Frazier Publications.

Thank you to those who suggested it.  And thanks to these wonderfuls, who took the quiz as a beta tester and provided assistance:

L.K. Lynch
Sean O’Toole

I’d love to know who you paired up with.  Please DM me in bdsmlr, Tumblr or Twitter.  Or you can fill out the contact form, below.



Holiday Sale

Reminder that the Holiday Sale is still in full swing, and will be through the end of the year.

You decide how *big* you want your savings… and get what you want.  The more you shop, the more you save!  The best part is:  No coupon codes to remember!

Here’s the breakdown:

Buy two books and get 10% off both

Buy three or four books and get 25% off your cart

And the ultimate deal: Buy five or more books, and you save 50% off your entire cart

The sale includes audiobooks, too!





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Thanks for the great questions and comments!

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