Celebrate Christmas in July

Merry savings to all!  My gift is a Your Choice Extravaganza, where the more you buy, the more you save.

No coupons to remember; your savings will automatically be calculated at checkout.

Here’s the breakdown:


Buy 2 books, and get 10% off

Small Group:

Buy 3 or 4 books, and get 25% off


Buy 5 or more books, and get 50% off

The sale also includes audiobooks.

Please note that box sets or books containing more than one book count as one book.

Please also note that Kindle readers should download the epub format.  Should you choose the mobi format, you must upload your book(s) to your Kindle before August 2022.

All mobi format books will be removed from this site on July 15, 2022.  Make sure you download your mobi purchases before July 15, 2022… and upload them to your Kindle before August 2022.

For more information, see my previous blog.

Start saving now.

Be sure to take advantage of Merry Savings before July 17th!



bdsmlr Follow-up

When we work together, good things happen!

In the last newsletter, I asked you to please send a thank-note ticket to the admins at bdsmlr.  Honestly, I didn’t think anyone would do it.  It was a big ask, I realize.

I didn’t tell the admins about it, just in case.  But you guys listened and acted!  And I’m so proud of you.

How do I know you did it?  Because I received this message from the admins:

Hey B.J.!

We’ve just received a thank you from another user. We would like to tell you how much we appreciate it. 🙂

Some of you told me you sent tickets, and a few shared them with me.  And one of you even shared their response:


Thank you for your message! This is a breath of fresh air on all the complaints we have been receiving (although they are understandable). Please bear with us whenever there are issues. Our devs are always on top of it (even though it takes some time sometimes). Take care and always report the issues you’re encountering.

Also, answering this survey helps a lot!

It’s a very short survey, so please take the time for it.

Also, the developers truly want to make bdsmlr more effective.  So let them know when something is wrong.  Be specific, be patient and, most of all, be polite!  But you already know that because you guys are awesome!

Thank you.

For those of you not on bdsmlr, it’s a Not Safe For Work site that has few restrictions–the obvious ones.  Feel free to visit my blog–but do so when no one is around.




Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered?  Use the contact form to submit your question.  All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.

Thanks for the great questions and comments!

For other kinky advice, check my blog archives.

Happy reading,