Sagacious and Snarky Sean Says…

Sagacious and Snarky Sean Says…

B.J. asked me to write a blog post, so here goes nothing.

Let’s play the “glad game.”  I’ll start.  I’m glad that B.J. Frazier liked my writing enough to offer me a chance to be published.

I’m glad for the positive response to my first published work… I suppose that needs an asterisk next to it because I posted some free stories online (think early 1990s Usenet News Groups like  So this is the first time I’ve been PAID to publish my work.

Your turn.  I hope something you’re glad about is that, after you bought and read my book, you thought it was worth it.  When that happens, be sure to leave a review on Goodreads.  Also, I hope you’ll be glad you took advantage of B.J. Frazier’s SITEWIDE DISCOUNTS.

Yes, friends, you can save when you get multiples.  So pair my books with a couple of hers, and save some cash!

Speaking of my book…

In case you missed it, “Three Erotic Tales in a Plain Brown Wrapper” contains three short stories.  Each one explores topics from where my stories come.

Before I retired, I was on the road a lot.  I spent a lot of time in hotel bars nursing small glasses of vodka while reading novels in bad lighting.  While “John and Marsha” is a work of fiction, I knew guys who picked up women in hotel bars (and women who would pick up men).  I’m also old enough to know who Stan Freberg was and to have admired his work, including a big hit he had in the ’50s titled “John & Marsha.”

“The Good Samaritan” is based on a story a friend told me about rescuing a pair of strippers who needed an alternator belt.  His version didn’t play out exactly like my story, but he did get a free lap dance.

“A Curious Proposal” stems from overhearing a conversation between two women in a café (what some people talk about in public is truly amazing).  One of them was complaining, since her husband had bariatric (weight loss) surgery and had lost 200 pounds, that he was like a teenager and constantly after her for sex.  While she was flattered, it was too much, and she hoped it would wear off.  I took that idea and expanded on it… which is to say exaggerated it.

By the way, I have more stories featuring those randy Mainwarings (pronounced MAN-er-ings) that will be released in (I hope) the not-too-distant future.  It kind of depends on how my first release sells (hint-hint!)…

My stories generally come from things I have experienced, things I’ve heard about, things I’ve thought about doing, things I’ve read about, or weird/random ideas that pop into my head.  I really like Terry Pratchett’s theory about inspiration being completely random.

Since I consider myself pansexual, my future books will cover a pretty broad spectrum of sexual expression.  My view is that if it’s legal, consensual, and not hazardous, bring it on.  You’ll probably want to note the tags on my publications to make sure you don’t end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

Here’s a secret:  My next release will be three short stories featuring gay or bisexual males.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@SeanOTo40481309) or on bdsmlr (seanotoole).  Say hi and mention this blog post to receive a sarcastic reply AT ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE!  I know, right?  How can I make any money by giving things away?

That reminds me of the last visit I had with my shrink.  It went like this:

Shrink:  You’re a self-absorbed narcissist.

Me:  Why should I care what you think?


I’ll be here all week!  Enjoy the buffet!  Try the fish!  And be sure to tip your server!



3 Erotic Tales


He Wanted It


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