The Long-Awaited Novel is Released!

Best Served Cold

After Raina Basil is attacked in college, her future is thwarted.  Facing financial problems, she trades college for an education in Dominance and submission…

And graduates as Storm, a professional Domina.

Her primary clients are privileged, alpha, white males, who are bored with the weekly romp with the wife.

Storm delivers hardcore BDSM sessions which focus on her clients’ deepest depravities.

She doesn’t put up with brats, and she doesn’t accept excuses.

And she doesn’t get upset… she gets even.

Think you can handle her?

Think again.

Read it today!



Who’s Participating in Locktober?


In honor of those of you participating in Locktober–and those who are curious–my gift to you is a coupon for 25% off “Caught in Chastity” and/or “14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena”.

Caught in ChastityGood for one or both, put the book(s) in your cart and, at checkout, enter Coupon Code: Lock25

This coupon works on all versions of the books, including “Lockdown’s” audiobook version!

While it’s valid all month, you should get them both today… tell me how much you squirmed reading or listening whilst locked  *wicked grin*




Last month, I read another book by my friend Mike Bowerbank, “The Witness Who Wasn’t There”.  If you need to keep your mind UNaroused but delightfully focused, you will appreciate Bowerbank’s snark as he guides you through mysteries.

He writes banter that will have you laughing out loud.  Full disclosure:  there are a few puns that will make you appreciate the banter even more.  *grin*

Seriously, though, his writing is worth a read.  “The Witness Who Wasn’t There” is the end of a trilogy.  Find my other recommendations on my Kinky Links page.  Or read my Goodreads reviews.



What’s B.J. Doing?


After completing a hardcore BDSM/revenge novel, I was happy when my friend, Bistagforbivixen, complained about the lack of representation regarding *loving* female-led relationships… and suggested that I write one.

As soon as he said it, the two main characters took up space in my head.  They’ve been there for a couple of months, impatiently waiting for me to finish “Best Served Cold”.

So that by the time I opened a blank document for their story, Grant and Rachel were fully formed.  They meet in college, and, I have to tell you, they’re simply adorable!

But don’t mistake “adorbs” for vanilla and/or boring.  They both are bringing the heat.

I’m having fun with this one, and I can’t wait to finish… so you can meet them!




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