A Very Special Two for Tuesday

Many of you, who follow my NSFW blogs on bdsmlr, Tumblr and Twitter, know that I do Two for Tuesday posts.  You will see many teaser promos today.

The promos point to tomorrow as being a very special Two for Tuesday because the date is 2-22-22.

In honor of this Day of Twos, I gift you a Two for Tuesday extravaganza of savings.  For ONE DAY ONLY, you get to take 22% off two or more books with coupon code:  242

Shop ‘til you drop, and save… but wait until 2-22-22.  The sale begins at 00:00 EST.  So set your alarms!

Happy Two for Tuesday!




Update on all three authors:

L.K. Lynch is working on a chartered boat mini-series adventure, where Captain Jake not only shows the ladies around the Virgin Islands, but a few of them show him around!

Sean O’Toole is putting together a collection of stories around the campfire.  You know how guys kick back, relax and embellish their conquests?  This book proves to be a one-up display of macho bravado ensconced in femdom fun.

My next short is about three teachers, whose Friday night happy hour gets overheated when they discuss fantasies involving students.  In an attempt to scratch their femdom itch, they decide to take a womens’ trip… under the noble guise of saving their marriages.  They set sail on an Alaskan cruise and quickly locate their prey.  The trip becomes a regular event, which evolves into a femdom competition.

Until these goodies get published, check out our other work.




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Happy reading and Happy Two for Tuesday,