A St. Patrick’s Day Treat


Teachers Cruise for Bottoms

Three teachers concoct a way to make their darkest fantasies a reality…

…by going on a cruise.

Without their husbands.

While at sea, the teachers hunt for willing men to act out teacher/student roleplays.  The women are in charge, and the men are in need of discipline.

When the annual girls’ trip evolves into a competition, even the losers win.

Get ready to embark on a fun and fast-paced story that will have you drowning in *heat*!

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My bestie told me about “little blue balls that could help alleviate pain”.  But she couldn’t remember the name of them.  So I typed, “blue balls alleviate pain” in a search engine, and found an article about… yeah, you know where I’m going with this.

I have to share it because it cracked me up.  The article has been medically reviewed, and even has a *blue* checkmark for corroboration.

It’s an Insider article from January of 2022 entitled, “What actually causes blue balls and how to relieve the pain, according to men’s health specialists”.

Let me pause for a moment and mention the picture.  It’s two, blue Christmas tree ornaments, and the caption reads:  “Blue balls don’t actually turn your balls blue.”

I think it’s great to dispel a huge myth right off the bat by informing an extremely worried readership that one’s sac won’t ever be confused with Christmas tree decorations.

In addition to myths, the article affirms the reality of blue balls, revealing the real medical term to be “epididymal hypertension.”

In case you don’t know, blue balls is created by prolonged arousal without relief.  It is uncomfortable and sometimes painful… but there are several suggested cures.

The first one, naturally, is to have an orgasm.

[Please tell me you already knew that one]

There are a few others, but the one I like–yet take issue with–is to distract yourself by reading a book.

You know I’m an avid supporter of book reading.  B.J. Frazier Publications books are not a good distraction.  They will, however, help you achieve an orgasm.

Perhaps that should be my new slogan:  B.J. Frazier books ~ when you need an orgasm NOW.

In all seriousness, I feel compelled to pass along an important tip.  If you have an erection for over four hours, you should seek medical attention.

Read the full article here.  And please tell me your thoughts on blue balls.  Did you laugh or are you better informed?  Feel free to send me a message in my smedia sites:  bdsmlr, Tumblr and Twitter, or use the contact form.

I love reading your thoughts, and I’m especially eager to know about this one.



Follow-Up on Bots


[***warning*** Links to my smedia contain material Not Safe For Work]

A few months ago, I made a Public Service Announcement post in Tumblr and bdsmlr warning submissives against blogs posing as real dominants.

I also blogged about it in here.  Refresh your memory with the latest blog post.  That post will lead you to the first blog post.

I finally received a response from the admins at bdsmlr, asking for more information and to provide screenshots.  I complied, and also sent them the link to the PSA.

I am happy to report that the admins have responded and banned all the accounts I listed.  They also corroborated the fact that an automatic ban of, “if this blog says X, ban it” created more problems by triggering real blogs to be inadvertently banned.  The only way to deal with these cunning fakers is with a manual ban.

Therefore, please do not simply block and/or ignore DMs with questionable messages.  Instead, send a ticket to bdsmlr admins, and let them know the blog is a fake.  They will then take the necessary steps to manually remove the blog.

If we work together, we can keep bdsmlr the safe, warm and fuzzy (and sane and consensual) place we know and love!

Huge thanks to bdsmlr admins!  View the thank you post.






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