Always Put Your Toys Away

In a world turned digital due to COVID, we have accidentally learned too much about our co-workers and friends.  How many times have you walked in front of your camera and forgot you didn’t have pants on?  I think many of us are guilty… perhaps some did it “accidentally” on purpose! It’s okay; I won’t tell.  😉

Sometimes you’re in a hurry and take a quick video call to move a project along.  You see yourself in the bottom-right screen–the screen that’s minimized.  You see your face but not everything in the background.

The person you’re talking to, however, sees your entire background.  Fast food wrappers didn’t make it to the trash?  Dirty dishes?  The baby’s toys?  Okay.  Those aren’t a big deal.

But what if you happen to be in your bedroom… or worse yet, your “playroom”?  That’s a conversation I’m sure you don’t want to start with colleagues. [or maybe you do…]

You’ve seen my posts about the importance of cleaning your toys after use.  Those are more tongue-in-cheek.  Given yesterday’s video, though, it’s a bit more serious.  So yes, clean your toys.  Make sure you put them away, too.  And check your background before you get into a video chat!

Here’s a little tip.  In Zoom, you can have a pseudo background.  Choose any picture or one of theirs.  It creates a static backdrop, which stays there regardless of what’s behind you or who pops into your shot.  You can use this tutorial, if you’d like help.

Granted, it won’t help if you stand up without pants.  And it won’t help with the filter… so check your surroundings, turn off your filters, and, please, whatever you do, don’t go to the bathroom while in a video meeting [again, unless that’s your thing…]!

In case you haven’t seen the viral video of the attorney talking with a cat filter in an actual courtroom hearing, you can view it here.

You can also read what the judge had to say about the incident here.

I’m so excited to release my THIRTIETH BOOK!

Andrew is a neurotic young man who is socially inept and keeps to himself.  On the outside, he’s quirky, unassuming and usually placed in the “friends category”.

On the inside, though, he observes, judges… and wants to be dominated.

Overtime at work causes him to catch a later bus, with different passengers.  An unappealing couple argue loudly and capture Andrew’s attention.

When he overhears more than he bargains for… he winds up in his first BDSM encounter!

Final Stop:  Domination is about sexual questioning, and a threesome with a female dominant and two male submissives.

…proud of creating the cover by myself, I happily shared it with several people in bdsmlr and Twitter.  Borntosuffer told me the proportions of the bus were all wrong.  When I looked again, I saw what he meant.  After “fixing it”, I showed it to him.  But he said I was still off.  I sorta argued with him, defending my now-great cover.

He conceded that no one would notice, unless he was design-savvy.  He begged me to let him fix it.  I was skeptical, wanting to release the book today.

But I have to give Borntosuffer tons of “props” for making his cover proportionately accurate.  After he truly fixed it, I could definitely see the improvement.  Many thanks, Borntosuffer!

I have a new quiz!  So many times, people will ask me which book to start with.  While I’m happy to assist–and consider myself something of a kink matchmaker–I designed this quiz to help you in my absence.

It’s a fun way to match your kinks to my books.  Also, since we can have more than one kink or craving, you can take the quiz again with a different guilty pleasure in mind!

Special thanks to my beta testers:

Blake Copas
L.K. Lynch
Sean O’Toole

I’d love to know your results.  DM me in smedia or send it in the contact form.

Have fun!

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