Allow Me to Introduce…

…L.K. Lynch!

I’ve hinted at a new author coming soon, and the time is now!  I’ve worked closely with him on his first novel, and I’m so proud of it!  You guys are going to LOVE it!

Before I tell you about the awesome story, allow me introduce you to L.K. Lynch…

I’m a U.S.-based, Walter Mitty-type who, on the back nine of life, stopped asking “Why?” and began asking “Why not”?  To that end, I have learned and explored aspects of life in ways I previously only fantasized about.  I enjoy wine, sailing and intelligent conversation, separately… or, even better, together.

My fertile imagination has always given me the itch to write, and, throughout the years, I’ve played with poetry and short stories; most of which has been lost through time.  (Truth be told, it’s not a bad thing with some of my early musings…)

I used to write best when I was upset or depressed.  But, now that I’ve started, the composition part of my brain has exercised more control over me.  So, my emotions don’t always drive the bus.

Having discovered B.J. Frazier, I became inspired by her, and found an outlet for my creative energy.  I hope that, should you choose to read my books, your imagination can get off the leash as well.  Or, at very least, you can escape into my fantasy world of romance-driven erotica, wrapped with humor and adventure.

To the dreamers!

L.K. Lynch

Lady Laurel is the head of Wildflower Estate.  Beautiful, intelligent, dominant, with a dark sexuality, she yearns for someone capable of understanding the demons she needs to unleash.

She decides to test her new stableman, Jack.

To her surprise, Jack passes with flying colors.

But he has a past.

And their love cannot exist.

Because in their world of Gehenna, there is no distinction between “servant” and “slave”.

In order for their love to come out of the shadows, Laurel and Jack must survive a rigged tournament, revenge, jealousy, inner struggles, a corrupt government, a duel… and the fact that the two are from opposite ends of the rigid caste system.

Interwoven with the action, adventure, sex, and misperceptions is a whisper of magic.

This kinky Camelot will keep you engaged, guessing and aroused.

“Three Favors” is the debut novel from L.K. Lynch.  It’s a perfect fit for the B.J. Frazier Publications family.

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Happy reading,