Amazon Kindle Switches Format

If you are an Amazon Kindle reader, then you should have received an email indicating that you will no longer be able to upload mobi files to your Kindle.  Amazon will no longer support the mobi format for its Kindle. What is the best Kindle to Buy? -【2021 REVIEW】

Initially, Amazon said the change would go into effect at the end of 2022.  The April email, however, listed August 2022 as the date.  It can be assumed that at the start of August 2022, you may not be able to upload mobi files to your Kindle.

What should you do?

For starters, don’t panic.  All of the mobi files you’ve already uploaded to your Kindle will stay put.  You will have access to them, and you’ll be able to read them.

The change effects new uploads.  You will no longer be able to upload new mobi content to your Kindle.

Kindle Fire 7 Review: $50 Tablet Satisfies Most Needs at a Great PriceWhy am I telling you this?  Because mobi is one of the book formats I offer on my site, and it’s listed specifically for Kindle.  So, if you have purchased mobi books–from this site or any other site–make sure you upload them to your Kindle before August 2022.

The mobi format was created by Mobipocket in 2000.  In 2005, Amazon bought the company.  However, epub has always been the more popular format for ebooks.  Online bookstores offered mobi versions for its customers who wanted to read on their Kindles.

Guess what format Amazon will now support?  You got it; epub!

Consequently, all BJFP books published from this point forward will only be available in epub or .pdf.  Additionally, mobi versions will be removed for sale from my site on July 15, 2022.

Let me reiterate how this impacts mobi book buyers on this site.  You will be unaffected provided you upload all of your mobi purchases to your Kindle before August 2022, AND you download your mobi purchases from this site before July 15, 2022.

Moving forward, it is strongly suggested that you use epub with your Kindle.

Please read more on Amazon’s site.   There is another article with more in-depth information from ebookfriendly.





I recently read Mike Bowerbank’s novel, “The Estate”.  It’s his follow-up to “The Target”, which was his first YA novel.

“The Estate” delivers everything I’ve come to expect from Mike… a carefully deconstructed mystery with subtle clues and a cast of characters who will make you laugh, get frustrated, feel incredulous, and shake your head.

You know I love his writing.  I hope you trust me to recommend something good.  Even though it’s not erotica [YA = Young Adult], it’s a good read!  Be the hip parent and buy it for your kid… even better; read it with him!

Read my Goodreads review.





Sean O’Toole is in the editing phase of his Master PC mind control novel.  If you remember Master PC stories online, you’ll love this.  If you enjoy mind control erotica, you’ll love it.

Pretty sure most of you will love it!

Look for it this summer.

In the meantime, acquaint yourself with Sean’s *hot* writing by reading “Three Erotic Tales in a Brown Paper Wrapper”, “A Box of Erotica from Sean’s Closet” and “Erotic Campfire Stories”.

You can also sample Sean’s work in the short story collections:  “Spring Break Three Ways”, “Hard-Boiled Kink” and “Cupid’s Quiver”.

* * * *

I am in the “early days” of collaborating with not one but TWO authors!  Mum’s the word for now, as I don’t want to jinx anything.  …except to say that, for both projects, I will be writing co-writing with each author.  I’m so excited!!

Another thing that’s coming soon isn’t a book, per se…

It’s an event…

You know I love to tease, so I’m tempted to leave it at that.

Instead, like Mike Bowerbank’s mystery writing, I’ll drop a little clue:  You can uncover my secret somewhere on my website.  *grin*

Happy sleuthing!





Question:  May I ask what your absolute favorite kink is.  The one you like to engage in the most or give you the most pleasure to engage in.

B.J.’s Answer:  I’ve met many new people the past couple of months, and this is a question most people ask.  Of course, I usually respond with some snark first, like, sure, you are free to ask whatever question you’d like… however, I reserve the right not to answer.

In this case, though, I choose to answer.  My favorite kink is dependent upon the moment.  I like to ad-lib scenarios and feed off my partner’s responses.

To that end, I’d say being creative and using my mind and my partner’s communication is my favorite kink.

When asked what my favorite toy is, though, my answer is more specific.  I love the crop and the paddle.  I blogged about them in-depth on in my [Not Safe For Work link!] bdsmlr blog.

I don’t believe either post has NSFW images; however, I recommend clicking on them when your boss *isn’t* peering over your shoulder.

Here is a link to the crop post.

And this one is for the paddle.

Sean’s Answer:  Edge play.  Taking someone to the edge of orgasm and pulling back (repeatedly) results in mind-blowing climaxes as long as the buildup doesn’t last too long.  The trick is to know what’s too long.  That means being able to read your partner and/or your partner being able to read you.  It takes experience and patience.

Edge play is great for both the person doing the edging and the person being edged.  And to be clear, I like it both ways.  I love to be edged almost as much as I love edging someone else.  The time you take to make this experience work is well worth it, I think.

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered? Use the contact form to submit your question.  All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.

Thanks for the great questions and comments!

For other kinky advice, check my blog archives.


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