Book Release Interracial Compulsion

I’m excited to release my latest book, “Interracial Compulsion”!

Sometimes you meet someone and sparks fly… even if it’s on the volleyball court.

And you’re both married.

And not to each other.

You know it’s wrong.

You know you shouldn’t.

But even if you try to stop it, you can’t.

There is a force between you. He feels it. You feel it.

There’s no turning back.

Consider it “compulsory erotica” and read it today!



Book Contest Revisited


Some of you love to send me tribute pictures in bdsmlr (Not Safe For Work Link!).  And I’m happy to reblog them.  Of course there are rules about what to send.  If you’re interested, DM me.

Last week, I got another wonderful tribute that heralded my book, “Lisa’s Lies.”  Inspired by the picture and tributer, I created a book contest within that post.

Then I thought it wasn’t fair to only offer it to a select few.  So I’m revisiting the post and opening it to everyone.  Again, this is a Not Safe For Work post, so don’t click on it until you’re alone.

It shouldn’t take anyone very long to track down the special person who send me the tribute.

The first 10 people who figure it out and DM me will receive a coupon for 50% off “Lisa’s Lies”!

Happy sleuthing!





Thanks for all the questions!  I’ve chosen two that have been asked by multiple people.

Question:  What are your thoughts on the Prince Albert piercing?

B.J.’s Answer:  I have to say that safety always comes first.  If you’re thinking about a piercing, please do your part to know how to properly take care of the area… and an especially sensitive area as this!

For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a penis piercing through the urethra.  It’s fairly common.

For those of you who’d like some more information, I’m linking a [Not Safe For Work] article that shows you different types, discusses benefits and, most importantly, provides some hygiene tips associated with getting one.

But the question asks for my thoughts on it.  One of the first people I spoke with on bdsmlr was in the process of expanding his piercing to affix a chastity cage to it.  It’s an extreme way to lock your junk.  The bdsmlr in question freely discussed his progress, and said that he was unable to pee like a man anymore.  He had to always sit… because the piercing made holes that the urine leaked out of.

Again, I shirked the question, you may have noticed.  Whenever I see images of the combination, or Holy Trainer, I am mesmerized.  Anyone who does it must truly be a lifestyler and hardcore submissive to want to alter his body in such a drastic way.

For me personally?  I’m a fan from afar since I can’t ever look away from pictures.  But in play, it’s not for me.  I like cock too much.  *wicked grin*

Sean’s Answer:  I am not generally in favor of genital piercings of any kind, regardless of gender.  That’s just my personal view.  What other people want to do with their junk is none of my business.  Bodymod is a very specific fetish and, if it turns you on and you are aware of the risks/maintenance involved, then go for it!

Let your freak flag fly as we used to say in the ‘60s.  Yeah, I’m that old.  My draft lottery number was 226.  What was yours?

Question:  I like to send you posts in DM [many that I’ve commented on or captioned], and I get a rush when I see them reposted to your blog.  Sometimes I think I send you too many.  I don’t want to spam your in-box… do you really like them?  Hope they come in handy.

B.J.’s Answer:  YES!  One of the biggest time-consuming task is to find content for my smedia blogs in [NSFW] bdsmlr, Tumblr and Twitter.

So when you send me posts, you are actually helping me out because it’s one less post to find… and I can more quickly return to writing.  *grin*

Sometimes you may not see your DM reposted for a while, because I have themed days (Back-to-Work Monday, Two for Tuesday, etc.).  So I may save them to my drafts folder to use on a more appropriate day.  Either way, they are a huge time saver, and I thank you!

It’s also a great way to keep in touch, because I always forget about checking the notifications in smedia.  DMs help me to have better communication.

So keep ‘em *cumming*… or send me one for the first time.  I’d love to connect with you!

Sean’s Answer:  I’m happy to interact with people who are interested enough in my work to want to talk to me about it.  I mean, that’s kind of how I met B.J. Frazier.  So how can I NOT like DM’s?

Best place to DM me is on my twitter feed @SeanOTo40481309.  I’ll be happy to answer questions about my stories and respond to constructive criticism.  I’m a bit of an introvert (a lot of an introvert, actually), which is why I’m happy to deal with people electronically (lol).  So, DM away, and remember to be patient about my response time.

B.J. has been cracking the whip to get me to the finish line on a novel I’ve been working on for about the last 12 years.  So I don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter or BDSMLR these days.

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered? Use the contact form to submit your question.  All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.

Thanks for the great questions and comments!

For other kinky advice, check my blog archives.

Happy reading,