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Remember to submit your answer for the Reader-Sponsored Book Giveaway by Thursday at 11:59 EST!

It’s a simple question:  Why should you be chosen?  Feel free to be snarky, clever, serious or humorous–most emotions welcome!  😉

Make sure you get your vote counted… because the next step is voting!  I will compile all answers into a poll, where you will help Seblin decide who the worthy ones are.

I know there have been some issues with smedia (see the next section), so in addition to reblogging my pinned post with your answer in bdsmlr, Tumblr or Twitter, please also DM me to ensure your vote is counted!

This is such a cool giveaway, and I’m super excited and thankful to Seblin for sponsoring it!

…I received some “asks” about what bonus Seblin is receiving while he reads his books.  You guys make me laugh!  I’m happy to discuss it in private… just ask *wicked grin*



Tumbleweed Problems

That’s my slang term for Tumblr.  I know, most of you will tell me that I shouldn’t even bother with them, especially since “the purge”.  But they still have really cool people.

I’m sad/frustrated/pissed to report that they deactivated my last account, which was really taking off.  I have engaged with so many stellar people… and I’m trying to reconnect.

If you have a Tumblr account, please reach out to me.  My new username is b-j-frazier.  Note the dashes placement.  That’s the only change.  Well, that and the lack of postings.  I’m scrambling to get more “up” and reach as many people as I have usernames for.

If I haven’t gotten to you yet, please DM me!

How did it happen?  I’ve been so careful not to mention bdsmlr in any of my posts.  But with the Reader-Sponsored Giveaway, I’ve been posting more.  Yesterday afternoon, I queued (not even published) a promo post that did not contain any nudity.

Unfortunately, I overlooked a bdsmlr link.  When I hit “queue”, it popped up with a message saying something like I couldn’t post it.  I immediately saw the error and deleted the link.  Then I hit “queue” again, and it recycled me to the login screen. <wail>

They didn’t even have the balls to send me any notification that they had deactivated me.  I only knew because a lovely Tumblr emailed me to ask where I had gone.  When I told him, he promptly bought me a drink (which came in handy last night–thank you, my extra special Tumblr guy!!).

I’ve sent in two “zendesk” help requests, 12 hours apart, and they haven’t even bothered to respond.  I’m afraid if I start to bitch about the injustice of it, I’ll never get this posted… not to mention I’m preaching to the choir.

Good news is that special Tumblr guy was my first “follow” on the new account, and I’m looking forward to watching those numbers grow.  So please, send me a DM, and let me know you will help spread the news of my new Tumbleweeds blog!!

You’re a good sub, so I know thanking you in advance is perfectly acceptable… right?!  :p



Audiobooks are on sale for the final days of June.  Hurry and get all three!

14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena is about two subs who get locked down during their first D/s encounter

Closing the Deal showcases the transformation of a businesswoman into a Dominant.

The Come Bet is about a D/s pickup at a Vegas craps table.

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