A Successful Big Event!

Thank you for the huge support during my first Big Event… where I gave away THIRTY free books of “Perchance to Dream – Book One”.  I loved the interaction of the live event, and I especially loved to meet new readers!

The event was not without problems, though.  I am sad to report that bdsmlr has been having technical issues as they update their entire site.  Their DM feature was not working properly.  I heard from many people that their DMs could not get through to me in the time allotted.Perchance to Dream - Book 1

SOOO, I’m offering everyone a 35% off coupon for a “Perchance to Dream” box set of your choice!  Even if you didn’t suffer from bdsmlr’s issues, you can still take advantage of the great offer!

This link will take you to the first box set:  https://www.bjfrazier.com/book/perchance-to-dream-box-set-books-1-3/ but you may choose from any of the three.

Put one in your cart and enter coupon code:  F6AP35JJDY9 at checkout before May 31, 2021.

A happy encounter during the big event was hearing from an old friend, stationplay.  COVID and life in general kept him away from bdsmlr for a long while.  He has been an avid survey taker as well as an avid reader.

So much so, that he “took me along with him” when he went do a sleep study.  He told me about his sultry doctor and her Asian assistant… and how he knew I could make the experience an erotic one.  And that, my friends, is how the “Perchance to Dream” series was born.

Stationplay waited for the Big Event to reach out to me.  When he learned it was promoting *his* book, he was honored and proud.

It was a lovefest amidst the kinkfest, which brought a huge smile to my face and warm fuzzies in my heart.  Glad to have you back, stationplay!


A huge thank you to Lets-see-now.

In a previous “Ask” section, I listed ways in which a fan, reader or submissive could please me.  One of those ways is to buy me a drink on my website.

Lets-see-now went to that section, all ready to buy me a drink.  When he got to the page, however, he saw that he could get a personalized and customized greeting from me.

He actually apologized for not buying the drink and selfishly wanting to hear my voice as I spoke to him directly.

Apology accepted, and I’m glad you enjoyed the recording, Lets-see-now!


Cover Sneak Preview!

In the next newsletter, you will hear from L.K. Lynch, Sean O’Toole and myself about how we decided to collaborate on a 1940s film noir spoof brought into present day kink.

Yes, we hope you’ll laugh, but we don’t short-change the heat factor!


In a previous blog post, Sean and I talked about phony, online dominants.  I told you that I, too, am bombarded with ridiculous messages (mainly in Tumblr).

Normally, I block them and move on.  But this one was so precious, I had to share.  It cracks me up!  Grammar really is a good thing, as well as editing.

I originally posted it in Tumblr this week, and someone pointed out that, technically, a sub *can* be used as a slot.  Very true.  And I like that submissive mindset.  But I’m pretty sure the “author” of the DM wasn’t as sophisticated to include that level of symbolism in the message.  🙂

Another comment was:  Maybe, it’s more about being like Hemingway?  You know, first draft only…

Since you guys are having fun with this, let’s make it a game!  Send me a message in any of my smedia sites or use the contact form on the bottom of my website.  I’ll include your answers in the next newsletter/blog post!


Question:  What are your favorite toys?

B.J.’s Answer:  I have a few toy posts in bdsmlr [#bjf toy].  I have two favorites.  The first one is the crop.  It’s simple, easy to use and delicious-sounding.  Plus, it’s versatile.  I can wield it in a teasing fashion, a lá gently tapping against his balls.

If I’m pissed, I can make it hiss through the air and land with a sting.  I can also use it as a reward by gently stroking it against tender areas.

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My second favorite is the paddle.  This toy has vied for my #1 choice over the crop.  But only one specific paddle.  One that has the potential to make me lose control if I’m not careful; and the one which can cause the most damage.

As I’m not into pain and humiliation, I try to reign in my desire to slap the fuck outta his ass.  …but it’s exceedingly difficult and requires considerable restraint.

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Sean’s Answer:  My favorite personal toy is a vibrating prostate stimulator.  I don’t have the cash for one of the top models, but the knock-off one I bought a couple of years ago seems to do the trick. I haven’t achieved my goal of being able to get off hands-free but everything I’ve read suggests that it takes quite a while to do that.  In the meantime, I find the stimulation a pleasant addition to my self-pleasure routine.

I only use it when I have plenty of time to edge, and, I can tell you, that the orgasms I achieve through this method are quite a bit different than any others.  The orgasmic experience is longer and more intense in some ways, and the lack of focus on the penis also produces some very pleasant results.  Your mileage may vary.

Do you have a kinky question you’d like answered? Use the contact form to submit your question.  All questions will be kept anonymous unless you’d prefer to be named.

For other kinky advice, check my blog archives.

Happy reading,