Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of Christmas in July Savings!

There are only ***Eight*** more days to take advantage of the Christmas in July sale.

It’s simple:  The more you buy, the more you save.

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Public Service Announcement


I have chatted with many of you about the annoying interference of bots on our smedia sites.  And I even talked about it in a previous blog post, where I told you that even *I* have received their “hey slut” DMs.

That’s why I want to share with you what I just learned this week:  The bots are getting smarter!

Caveat:  This is for Tumblr.  I know many people turned their back on the site after the “Big Purge”, and it’s annoying to tiptoe around their new algorithms, but there are still many cool people there.

Anyway, remember how they used to be called MistressAnna or GoddessMary?  It was an easy give-away that their blog was fake.  Especially after reading their homepage, where they grammatically INcorrectly list how they’re looking for sissy slaves or what have you.


They have created usernames by stringing together four random words, like sillygardenpartysports.  Yes, I’m serious.  I thought it was comical until I got the DM:  “are you interested in being my bottom sub boy” just yesterday.


Don’t be fooled by the new wave of bots!

You’re welcome.  *grin*



Creative Survey


I post Creative Surveys every Tuesday and Friday on my bdsmlr blog.  WARNING:  This is a NSFW site.

The surveys are a fun and interactive way to take a quiz, ponder kink and have fun.  Just search my blog for #Creative Survey or #Survey, and you should find them all… but only the latest one is active.

The site is NSFW, so be careful where you’re opening it.  If you don’t have a bdsmlr account, you can view the survey and DM me your vote in Twitter or Tumblr.  I look forward to your vote!

Bdsmlr has been having some problems lately with functionality and chat.  In my last Creative Survey Results post, I ranted about the frustration of not being able to chat on a smedia site.

Normally, I make comments on people’s votes.  I didn’t realize how much people like to hear my feedback until I stopped.

Lets-see-now [NSFW link] sent me a lovely DM agreeing with my frustration but told me that he missed my personalized messages in the creative survey results post.  He likes how positive I am with everyone, and of course he likes to read my affirmation of his carefully thought-out responses.

To everyone who felt the same way, you make me smile.  I’m glad you feel good about my messages… and of course, receive a thrill from the creative predicaments I create for you to ponder!

Let me add that bdsmlr is actively working to fix the problem ***AND*** chat has worked for four days now!!  My optimism has soared that bdsmlr is here to stay.  It is my first foray into smedia and therefore holds a special place in my heart.

Thank you, bdsmlr admins!



A New Place to Find B.J. Frazier Publications Books


The best way to support independent artists is to buy directly from them.  For me and my authors, it would be to purchase my books through my website.

My site uses Stripe for a secure shopping cart experience.  Your credit card statement will show “BJFP, LLC” for the sale.

Once you set up your account and purchase books, you can always access them on my site.

I have recently added Amazon to the places you can find B.J. Frazier Publications books.  Visit my Amazon author page.

That said, you will always find the best prices and promotions on my site… like Christmas in July!  Additionally, my audiobooks are only for sale on my site.

No matter where you find B.J. Frazier Publications books, we are happy to have you as readers.  There are a ton of books for sale, and we appreciate you choosing ours.




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