New Quiz!

You asked for it, you got it!  The new Which B.J. Frazier Character Are You Most Like quiz is now live!

For new subscribers, you have TWO quizzes to take (for character match-ups; there are other fun quizzes, too!).

With over 30 books, not all of the characters would fit into one quiz.  This new one, V2.0, has characters not matched in the first one.  Also included are the three main characters in L.K. Lynch’s debut femdom novel, “Three Favors”.

Coming soon:  Character Quiz V3.0, which will include more characters, along with Sean O’Toole’s main characters from “The Mainwarings” (see below for more).

Many thanks and big hugs to my beta testers:




Behind the Scenes


Thank you for your comments regarding the quizzes.  All have been positive, albeit with a bit of anxiety.

The majority of subs desire to please.  As such, an ambiguous quiz question can cause some panic because you want to answer properly.  Faced with multiple interpretations, the sweat starts, the committee in your head works overtime, and the desire to stop the quiz and ask “what does this question mean” takes over.

Fear not!

First, I absolutely love how much time and care you give in your answers and interactions with me and my blogs.  [This goes for regular Creative Survey voters… latest NSFW Creative Survey is here; so click and vote!]  You brighten my day and put a smile on my face.  I love reading your interpretations of my writing!

Let me take a moment to explain the NON-scientific elements that go into creating the character quizzes… and hopefully assuage your angst.

Each answer to every question must be scored from one to five for every character outcome!  In V2.0, there are 70 total possible answers.  There are 15 characters, which makes 1,050 responses that I entered into a sliding scale (not just data entry).  Do you see how much I adore you?  *grin*

Add to that the multiple layers of each character, and you can understand how nuanced the responses can be.  For example, some common feedback from the beta testers were:

“What does ‘transformation’ mean?”
“As a sub, I don’t feel qualified to answer some questions because it should be up to the Dominant to decide.”
“Cheating can mean different things in different situations.  There is consensual cheating with hotwife scenarios or cucking, which may not be considered cheating per se.”

The questions were created generally to encompass the multiple aspects of characters.  And some are intentionally vague.  For example, Goddess Serena [“14-Day Lockdown with Goddess Serena”] may not like cheating personally, but she’s in favor of it because most of her clients are married.  So she answers the cheating question with a five, being in favor of it.  In contrast, Lisa [“Lisa’s Lies”] has no qualms about cheating in all of her relationships.  So her support of cheating is also a five but for different reasons.

The transformation question is also designed to be ambiguous because there are many different types of transformations one can experience.  It is merely another layer to better match someone with a character.

The quizzes are also dependent upon the taker’s mood.  While our moods change, so, too, does our kink.  Therefore, I have no doubt that your result will be very different when you take the quiz in a more submissive mindset versus when you feel a bit dominant.

And that’s the fun of them!  Take them over again, especially the one about which book you should read first.

I appreciate your struggle… but try to keep in mind that these quizzes are to be enjoyed.  No psychologist was consulted during the creation, and the result is not a medical diagnosis.  🙂

That said, please share your feedback with me, and I’d love to know who you match up with!  Send me a DM in smedia (NSFW links: bdsmlr, Twitter or Tumblr) or use the contact form, below.




Yes, You Can Find B.J. Frazier Books on Amazon


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Here are links around the world:

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J.C. Paulson is a fellow author.  We met in Twitter, and I have the pleasure of calling her friend.  She was a newspaper reporter for many moons, and her grammar makes me drool!

Yes, that is a noteworthy trait in this day of “editors aren’t needed” and “I think I can write a book”!  I’ve had discussions with many of you, and it pleases me that grammar matters to you, too!

I recommend J.C. Paulson’s “Adam’s Witness”.  It is a mystery/crime/romance novel that organically deals with homophobia.  By that, I mean, it’s not preachy… even though it does involve religion *grin*.  There is also heterosexual romance.  And the thriller aspect of the main plot will have you turning the pages.

Read my review, and read her book!





I recently had the pleasure of speaking with a submissive man, who dabbles in femdom writing.  What struck me was his submissive nature from a very young age.  He used to write stories as a young boy… fairytales that didn’t end with the handsome prince “rescuing” the princess.  In his stories, the princess then instructed the peasant how to save the kingdom.

Obviously, at such a young age, sexuality wasn’t a consideration.  He only knew he liked being around girls who ordered him to do things.

With permission to publish from “one of the most real and submissive boys who contacted Me”, I am excited to share with you his poem.  Enjoy!

Femdom Psalm IV

Enter the secrets of Her essence with eyes downcast,
There will be darkness and sorrow and pain for any who enter.
For these times of blindness follow Her breath,
The whispy cushion of air to usher a man’s fear through Her mystery.
Let Her lead the wrecked souls of men through Her depth
Let Her lead your weak spirit and skeleton through Her depth.
She will lead you to a room with a million boxes
And in each box is a man in chains.
In one box you will meet yourself.
Be happy! She owns the universe and you are part of it!





I am nearing the end of my revenge novel, where Raina Basil (otherwise known as Domina Storm) fell into femdom–and holds men accountable for her altered life path.  This book is a hardcore look into professional Dominatrix sessions.

As with all B.J. Frazier Publications books, though, it’s embedded in a plot and subplots, with characters who are multi-faceted.

It will touch on many of your kinks, and it will leave you squirming.  Coming soon!

Sean O’Toole is polishing the next installment(s) of “The Mainwarings”.  The first episode was showcased in “Three Erotic Tales in a Plain Brown Wrapper”, and his next book will be a short story continuation of the series.  Coming soon!




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